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Long overdue

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Keith’s company built a new US Headquarters just up the river from us — about a half mile from our townhouse but today was the first day I went inside. We’d scheduled lunch several times but he kept canceling on me — today when the boys got in from Atlanta we went over for lunch.

They moved in April 2009 – the  photo was taken before it was finished


And a view of downtown from one of the nearby bridges across the Mississippi. The building is right on the river.


I don’t usually like to shop but while Keith works tomorrow, the boys and I are going to take the light rail down to the Mall of America, get lunch, and look for a few things.

Speaking of things that tempt me …. I love Mary Stori’s beaded work and one day I’ll play more with beading too. Maybe when I find time for that Crazy quilt.

Am I the only one?

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As much as I struggle with time management I can’t imagine how those of you with jobs and kids find the time to do all the creative things you want to do.

Quilting is obviously my main focus but as I wander around the internet and visit blogs I constantly come across people doing things that make me want to run out and buy supplies so I can try too.

Visiting Vicki and Judy’s blogs are dangerous for me — I managed to resist the urge to make postcards and knit socks for well over a year in both cases before I caved in.

Other things tempting me right now are Kathie’s mini quilts and Crazy quilts but I don’t plan to take anything else on right now.

By the way, I had no intention of stocking up on sock yarn and planned on buying as I used it up but I’m already way behind with yarn for 5 additional pair here and yarn for 4 more on the way after visiting Suzanne’s sale. I’m NOT buying any more yarn or sock knitting books!

So what tempts you the most?

I hate cleaning

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With Chris and Adam coming tomorrow, I needed to get ready for them and clean up around the house. I really hate cleaning!

Since I take over both the media room downstairs and the 2nd bedroom for my quilting, we have a sleeper sofa in the living room and this cot I set up on those rare occasions we have company. Chesty jumped up as soon as had the linens on.


Then he decided he needed to check how soft the pillow was – do you think I should change the pillowcase for Adam 🙂


Chesty went to the beauty parlor yesterday to get ready for the visit from his brothers – can you tell?

He gets all excited when I tell him Chris and Adam are coming but he doesn’t seem to understand the word tomorrow and was patiently waiting for them while I did my cleaning.


I’m not such a slug after all

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Since I wasn’t going to sleep anyway I worked all night.

4 quilts trimmed, binding made, and machine stitched on – ready for me to hand stitch while watching the Olympics when I get home.


And 2 rather simple postcards for my family exchange for February. The nice thing about exchanging postcards with the family is I never have to worry about how good or how creative they are – it’s very low stress and we’re happy just to exchange them with each other.

I even went outside and down the street to the mailbox at 4:15AM  (with my coat over my PJ’s) so I wouldn’t forget to send them before leaving. Since we live in the back on a dead end street of a small development — that’s not as bad as it sounds.


Keith will be up in about 30 minutes and it will be time to get ready to leave and I feel better for having accomplished something.

Not much happening here…

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I just seem to be puttering the last couple days.  A little knitting here and there, some string blocks yesterday and I did manage to piece my one back for the week too. Are you impressed? Using Tuesday for strings and backings is working out well for me.

We head to Los Cabos early in the morning and will be gone for several days so there may not be any posts. I’m not sure what my internet access is going to be like and I might just forget the blog and enjoy my time on the beach with a tropical drink in hand.

In the meantime, since I’m sure I won’t sleep tonight I think I’ll work on getting some quilts ready for binding – after all the Olympics will already be in progress when we get home.