Almost but not quite done

I was trying to finish up the current socks (pair #3) so I could get started on another pair before my trip tomorrow but didn’t quite make it. I’m almost done with the toe and I could have finished them tonight but because I have to concentrate to get the socks cast on correctly, I like to do it at home without distractions. And since Vicki thinks I need to start something new today anyway, pair #3 was set aside not yet completed and pair #4 started.

I’m going to try a textured pair so I’m using a solid color yarn and since it’s getting warmer – this is a cotton blend.

Don’t worry, I’m not about to start accumulating sock UFO’s — I’ll finish up this pink/green pair as soon as I get home.

7 thoughts on “Almost but not quite done

  1. Kathy E.

    BEAUTIFUL socks, Mary!! I’m almost done with my 3rd pair, too. I think I need to order some cotton yarn… I had to shuck my socks today because it was just too warm here in Louisiana for wool socks!


  2. Laila Skauge

    I love your socks, they all looks great! I am still wondering how you are able to knit with these knit pins! Back here in Norway we always use five straight pins to knit socks, and always from the top to the toe. It would be interesting to try your way someday :o)
    Hope you’ll enjoy the Easter holidays,

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