Love the yarn, love the texture

Too bad the pattern repeat is off – whether through my misunderstanding or a failure to communicate it correctly. This pair is the first one that I’ve not used the book I learned from and it’s written somewhat differently.

All ready to try again

I decided to create a page for my socks with the method/needles/and finished pairs so if you’re interested, check out the tab at the top of the page. I did finish the 3rd pair today and posted a photo of them there.

5 thoughts on “Love the yarn, love the texture

  1. Kathy E.

    They look GREAT!! That color is really neat and shows the pattern nicely. I just can’t keep up with patterns… I always get off on my count and then have a mess. I think I’ll stick to the plain old stockinette stitch for now… that’s a no-brainer. LOL!!

  2. Barbara

    Oh for a dollar everytime I have to rip-it, grin. I love the yarn and the pattern is nice and when I am having a problem with a pattern be it knitting or cross-stitch I mark each row as I go, and with knitting if it is a very difficult one and there are repeats I sometimes do a small check for each repeat so I can be sure I am doing it right, I tend to let my mind wander since I have knitted so long and I find now at my age, I must pay more attention or I rip-it. BarbM

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