Some finishes

Since Tuesday is for Strings, I worked on finishing the binding on this QAYG Quilt and pieced a backing for one of the donation tops.

This was the first attempt at assembling QAYG blocks and my machine really didn’t like the bulk at all. Sheree and I came up with the basket-weave setting which was much easier for me.

You can find instructions for the blocks and assembling them on my site.

Other finished quilts that I got back from Sheree/Cindy who helped out with the binding.

This first one was pieced by Cecile.

Pieced by a local guild, the Quilting Queens

Pieced by Barbara in FL (this is the last of several tops she’d donated)

Assembled by Carol from blocks donated during a HeartStrings project.

5 Responses to “Some finishes”

  • Some great quilts there.

  • What great eye candy…so many pretty quilts!

  • diane:

    Love you mini quilt shows!

  • debrak:

    Wow, you (and the piecers) got a lot done! The QAYG quilts always feel a little stiff when you are working on them, but they wash up soft. I always wash mine before I give them away, and the sashing doesn’t seem so bumpy to me afterwards. The quilts drape in a cozier manner after being laundered.

    oh and, Mary…I always miss you when your gone. I love that springy yarn color 😉

  • I love the quilts – so great!! I especially love the happy block one. Atleast I think that is what the blocks are. It’s so bright and fun!

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