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Thank you!

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It’s been so nice to read all the lovely comments and compliments on the wedding quilt both today and when I posted the photo of the quilting a week or so ago.

Normally I try to respond to most of the comments or at least make a return visit to your blogs if you have them listed but I’m swamped getting ready to go out of town so I’m doing a big group Thank You today.

I always appreciate the comments and encouragement you all give me!

Now back to laundry, and packing.

This one is difficult to give away

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I don’t often have a problem giving my quilts as gifts or even donating them to strangers but every once in a while I fall in love with one. I’m beginning to think that pink and brown are my colors because the last quilt I struggled to give away was pink and brown too.

And a little closer. To bring this up to the size I wanted, I put a pieced border around all 4 sides and then added a solid border to the sides – I didn’t need any more length.

I rarely do printed labels for personal quilts unless it’s one that Mom and I are gifting together but I did embroider my initials, the year, and a heart that signifies my love for Adam or it could signify their love for each other since it’s a wedding quilt.

Stars & Pinwheels Instructions

The instruction sheet does not include the borders which were an afterthought but there are two EQ drawings on the page with 2 ideas I worked up. In the end, I chose the border version that Adam liked best.

From start to finish

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I assembled what I’m now calling a basket-weave QAYG quilt today at our HeartStrings sew-in. I found it much easier and the basket-weave effect is much more prominent in person.

We had a good time and were productive although I still have to do the binding on the green QAYG that I finished assembling yesterday. Here’s a photo of my fellow HeartStringers at today’s sew-in.

Assembly required

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My Elna was a little challenged today by the bulk in the seams as I assembled my first set of  QAYG blocks but I finally got them together and hopefully figured out a few things along the way.

I worked some back at the hotel to get this point and I just need to bind it tomorrow.

After watching me struggle, Sheree had an idea to offset the seams that we played with tonight and in theory it should create a basketweave effect. Tomorrow we’ll give it a try and see if it works.

And look, it snowed just for me today!

Our actual sew-in isn’t until tomorrow but Sara invited us to a sew-in before the sew-in and we had such a good time. I uploaded some more photos of our day to  a HeartStrings album.

Packing up for Nebraska

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Not much excitement going on here today – just packing for the HeartStrings sew-in this weekend in Fremont, Nebraska. I’m heading down on Thursday morning so after trimming and cutting bindings for several quilts that Sheree and Cindy are going to bind for me, I started gathering my supplies.

Since I’m taking the Elna to assemble the QAYG blocks, I set the Brother back up in the sewing room. I got it back from the shop a couple weeks ago but hadn’t bothered to change them out since I knew this trip was coming up. And of course, had to sew some of the Lattice blocks on it to make sure it was working OK.

Normally I don’t piece a quilt on two different machines but since I’m just at the block stage and all the blocks are trimmed to 5.5 inches after piecing it doesn’t make a difference.

Thanks for all the comments on the Wedding Quilt. I also managed to get that trimmed so it will be ready for binding when I get home next week.

I can’t procrastinate any longer

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So finally instead of talking about getting the wedding quilt actually quilted, I loaded it tonight and have about 1/3 of it finished. I’ll work some more on it tonight and tomorrow and hopefully it will be done by Tuesday – the quilting that is, the binding will have to wait until I get back from Nebraska next Sunday.

I also finally put my design wall back up and have some of my Lattice blocks arranged – I want to get the rest of them pieced before I put them all up so I can get the duplicates distributed well throughout the whole quilt.