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April’s results

Considering all the travel, not bad at all for this month but I do need to get some binding done!

Tops pieced – 1

Tops quilted – 8

Tops tied and bound – 7

Quilts completed (bound and labeled) – 1

Quilts back from binding that are now finished – 2

Just under the wire

This is #5 of 5 tops I wanted quilted before the end of the month. Pieced by Sheree for our current HeartStrings project using yellow center strips.

It’s quilted with the Pampas Grass Clamshell template from Circle Lord. It’s my first time using the template and I did it without the Pampas Grass but that’s next.

On my design wall

Well it’s not Monday but I did get enough blocks pieced yesterday to put up on the design wall. These are for our current HeartStrings project. I’ll make another 8 blocks, add a border, and it will make a cheerful donation quilt.

Quilting first, then piecing

It’s Tuesday but I wanted to quilt this HeartStrings top of Cindy’s that I’d loaded last night first before playing in my strings. This is #4 of 5 I wanted done before the end of April so I should easily meet and maybe even surpass that goal.

She pieced it for our current project and while I chose to use a bright yellow center and kids prints, she chose to go with the blue/yellow option. Quilting is my freehand Baptist Fans — I think they’re my favorite thing to quilt.

And I think someone is a little tired or depressed. Rather than staying downstairs with me or sitting up on the back of the sofa watching out the window, I found him sitting on top of the pillow on the sofa.

Now I’m heading upstairs to start another set of bright yellow blocks for a kid’s quilt and to piece my backing for the week.

Melva’s HeartStrings top

Today I finished quilting #3 of 5 tops I want done before the end of the month – a HeartStrings top pieced by Melva. She was the first one to use the narrow strips on either side of the center and I always love how these turn out.

Quilted with one of the newer pantographs I have called Hearts in Bloom. I already had a similar pantograph but these motifs are larger so depending on the quilt, I can now choose the one that will best suit it.

Wedding photos lifted from Facebook

Well, I haven’t received any yet but they’re showing up on Facebook so obviously Lindsey’s family has gotten photos from the photographer. Hopefully Adam will send me a DVD with the photos soon.

Another cool iPad app

This one allows me to search for quilt photos on Flickr. I type in my search term – in this case string quilt and I get thumbnails on the left side and a larger photo on the right. Even better, I can save the photos I like to a “Stack” on the iPad so I can go back to view them at any time.

The app is called FlickStackr.

Goal setting

If you’ve read my blog for a long time you may have noticed that I rarely post my to do lists anymore but that doesn’t mean that I don’t set goals for what I want to accomplish with my quilting. I’ve found that long lists stress me and make quilting less fun so now I spend a few minutes in the morning before getting out of bed deciding what I want to accomplish for the day and occasionally, set some weekly goals.

I decided the other day that I want to get at least 5 more tops quilted before the end of the month. It’s not a particularly hard goal but since the tops have been coming in a pretty fast pace and I’m starting to feel the pressure, getting a few quilted will make me feel better.

So here’s #2 of 5 quilted – a donation top pieced by Tamara and quilted with Wonky Feathers from the Pajama Quilter DVD.

This is one of those designs that sometimes I cringe while I’m quilting but never looks that bad when I take it off the machine.

Lunch and Learn

We were invited to a lunch today to learn more about our local Habitat for Humanity. We’ve supported Habitat for years but the more I learn, the more I am impressed with their mission and their results.

Stopping by the post office on the way home, I picked up a box from Pat with a HeartStrings top and a bunch of fabrics for backings. I pulled one that will work with the top and I’ll pass the others to Sheree who will turn them into backings.

Finally a little work

The last Rail Fence quilt pieced by San and her NC group is quilted. Once it’s bound, it will go in the next batch of quilts to Alycia for Quilts of Valor but I’ve got another one to quilt that’s heading that way so it will be a while before these are done.

While I was downstairs, I did a little laundry and straightened up the quilts and backs on the shelf….

….which is a good thing because I have some tops and backs that just arrived from Tish to add to the group. I’m convinced that if it wasn’t for Tish, Pat, and Sheree who have all sent numerous backings for HeartStrings quilts, that I would never have been able to continue to quilt these donated tops for this long. Besides the obvious volume of fabric that goes into them, the time to piece them all would not only have slowed me down but frankly, piecing backs is NOT one of my favorite things to do and ultimately would have effected how many donated tops I agreed to quilt. So a lot of the credit for the amount of quilting I do goes to those who have sent me pieced backs!

And speaking of piecing, I really DO need to set aside a day and piece those batting leftovers on the top shelf into usable battings!

Flowers and a Twins game

Thanks for all the well wishes for our anniversary, we had a lovely evening. First, Keith brought home yellow roses which have been my favorite flower since he brought me a single yellow rose shortly after we started dating.

Then we walked over to the Twins game. I loved the stadium – what a great view of the game and the downtown Minneapolis skyline we had.

21 years on the 21st

There were times over the years I wasn’t sure we’d make it this far – like any marriage we’ve had our share of challenges but I can’t imagine what life would be without Keith and I’m pretty confident that we’ll make it to the “until death do you part” thing!

That photo of the 4 of us is for you Chris since it’s YOURS and Adam’s anniversary too!

Just binding

I’m still being lazy but I did finish this HeartStrings quilt today — pieced by Sue in FL.

We’re sharing photos of our sewing spaces on HeartStrings so I snapped a few this afternoon. It looks like a hurricane went through my rooms but I’m blaming it on getting ready for the sew-ins.

The upstairs sewing room isn’t too bad – or at least I tell myself that because you’ve seen it worse.

But downstairs, I need to get things reorganized. Can you tell I went searching through all the tops and backs on the shelves looking for ones to take with me to PA to tie?

Finally, we’re having some lovely weather here – Chesty and I sat outside for a little while this afternoon.

Documenting finished quilts

It’s Tuesday so I’m supposed to be playing in my strings but the closest I’ve gotten to that today is working on the binding of a string quilt. I’ve hit the wall and am dragging today so not much is getting accomplished.

Today’s post is for me to document the recently finished quilts. The first group are ones I tied and bound at the PA sew-in and left for Ann to donate locally.

#1 pieced by Rebecca in Maine.

#2 pieced by May in Jersey

#3 pieced by May in Jersey

#4 pieced by Lani’s CA group

#5 pieced by Ann

#6 pieced by Ann

#7 pieced by Jane from blocks donated to HeartStrings

The next two finishes were tops that I quilted that were bound by Cindy and brought back at the MN sew-in on Sunday.

#1 pieced by Sharon, this quilt will be donated to Habitat for Humanity

#2 pieced by Cecile, this quilt will be donated to the Ronald McDonald house here in Minneapolis.

Sticky notes

Do you use sticky notes to remind you what you need to do? I found a new app for my iPad that lets me create them and even send the page to myself by email.

Another HeartStrings sew-in

This one held at the Calico Hutch in Haywood MN. What a wonderful shop! Carolyn (the owner), allowed us to come sew in her classroom today. Don’t you LOVE that Spiderweb quilt on the back wall?

I made myself assemble my yellow centered top and get the borders on before I did a little shopping.

After the last couple months visiting quilt shops during HeartStrings sew-ins and shopping earlier this month with Susan and Wendi, I have replenished all the holes in my stash and I need to get to working using it all.

Catching up

I’m heading to another HeartStrings sew-in tomorrow, just for the day in Haywood MN and am taking 3 quilts with me that need binding (Cindy and Sheree help me out with some of the binding on the donated tops) so I spent some time trimming the quilts and cutting fabric for the binding. This is one of Melva’s – pretty isn’t it?

And here’s my new book that was waiting for me when I got home. Flipping through block books give me ideas for quilts that I want to play around with in EQ6.

And the wedding photos

Here’s one of us – the wedding was at Norfolk’s Botanical Gardens. Surprisingly, given all the years I’d lived in the area I’d never been there.

And one of me with my sisters — I had one taken with Deb too but it was too blurry. I don’t remember who took the photo but it was probably Keith!

Other photos from the weekend/wedding are posted in a Picasa album if anyone has any interest in viewing them!

I’ve started sorting through photos

Chesty and I are both tired so we’re taking it easy tonight and I’m starting to sort through some of the photos I took.

Here’s one of me working this week tying Heartstrings quilts.

And I uploaded other photos from our sew-in to a Picasa album if you want to take a look.


Killing time drawing on quilts while I wait for my flight. Hopefully I’ll just be a couple hours late getting home.