Sticky notes

Do you use sticky notes to remind you what you need to do? I found a new app for my iPad that lets me create them and even send the page to myself by email.

12 thoughts on “Sticky notes

  1. San

    Very cool. I need one with voice messaging. If I don’t hear it, I’ll forget. I guess that technology will come out next. Enjoy.

  2. Janet

    Mary- go to This-N-That Fabrics Blogspot- it appears you have won a prize for your Happy Blocks tutorial!!!!

  3. Alison

    It doesn’t matter what the technology, we always seem to be drawn back to paper and pencil :o).

  4. Shari

    You should really be on Apple’s marketing team! Is there an app that does simple to do lists? Note the plural for lists!

  5. Alycia

    That is cool. I have stacks of sticky notes every where. My kids think that I use them to be bossy. ( and their point is???)

    Anyways – cool!!!

  6. kate

    Mary, Any chance when you show a cute Ipad app that you could tell the name of it so it would be easier for us to go find it? 😀

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