Documenting finished quilts

It’s Tuesday so I’m supposed to be playing in my strings but the closest I’ve gotten to that today is working on the binding of a string quilt. I’ve hit the wall and am dragging today so not much is getting accomplished.

Today’s post is for me to document the recently finished quilts. The first group are ones I tied and bound at the PA sew-in and left for Ann to donate locally.

#1 pieced by Rebecca in Maine.

#2 pieced by May in Jersey

#3 pieced by May in Jersey

#4 pieced by Lani’s CA group

#5 pieced by Ann

#6 pieced by Ann

#7 pieced by Jane from blocks donated to HeartStrings

The next two finishes were tops that I quilted that were bound by Cindy and brought back at the MN sew-in on Sunday.

#1 pieced by Sharon, this quilt will be donated to Habitat for Humanity

#2 pieced by Cecile, this quilt will be donated to the Ronald McDonald house here in Minneapolis.

7 thoughts on “Documenting finished quilts

  1. JoAnne in Keller, TX

    I love the bright colors in the quilts you post. Your photography really enhances them.

  2. Kathie L.

    I find it really helps to have a schedule that you do certain things on certain days like you do but every once in awhile we need a day to just rest and relax. I am sure with all your travels lately you need more than one down day.

    kathie L.

  3. Michele Gachet Bedocs

    Do you know that name of the pattern in quilt number 1 that you quilted and it was brought back to the MN sew-in? It’s the one with the green borders? I just love that quilt! They are all beautiful.

    By the way, at our spring guild retreat in March many of us made string blocks for the QOV group within our guild. We ended up with enough blocks to do several quilts. They were really fun to make. I think I’m hooked!


  4. Laura

    Great quilts! I have been working on a string quilt the past few days and having a ball. They are so freeing and fun to make.

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