Just binding

I’m still being lazy but I did finish this HeartStrings quilt today — pieced by Sue in FL.

We’re sharing photos of our sewing spaces on HeartStrings so I snapped a few this afternoon. It looks like a hurricane went through my rooms but I’m blaming it on getting ready for the sew-ins.

The upstairs sewing room isn’t too bad – or at least I tell myself that because you’ve seen it worse.

But downstairs, I need to get things reorganized. Can you tell I went searching through all the tops and backs on the shelves looking for ones to take with me to PA to tie?

Finally, we’re having some lovely weather here – Chesty and I sat outside for a little while this afternoon.

3 thoughts on “Just binding

  1. Diane

    My room looks bad too…Meghan was in there yesterday and said, ‘geez this place is a mess!!!!!’ That’s ok, she was in the sewing room of her own free will, I’m still waiting for a quilting bug bite for that girl. 🙂

  2. mereth

    Those photos made me laugh, I can totally relate to the mess. I never quite believe those wonderful neat designerish ‘studios’; it makes me wonder if anything gets created in them.

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