Finally a little work

The last Rail Fence quilt pieced by San and her NC group is quilted. Once it’s bound, it will go in the next batch of quilts to Alycia for Quilts of Valor but I’ve got another one to quilt that’s heading that way so it will be a while before these are done.

While I was downstairs, I did a little laundry and straightened up the quilts and backs on the shelf….

….which is a good thing because I have some tops and backs that just arrived from Tish to add to the group. I’m convinced that if it wasn’t for Tish, Pat, and Sheree who have all sent numerous backings for HeartStrings quilts, that I would never have been able to continue to quilt these donated tops for this long. Besides the obvious volume of fabric that goes into them, the time to piece them all would not only have slowed me down but frankly, piecing backs is NOT one of my favorite things to do and ultimately would have effected how many donated tops I agreed to quilt. So a lot of the credit for the amount of quilting I do goes to those who have sent me pieced backs!

And speaking of piecing, I really DO need to set aside a day and piece those batting leftovers on the top shelf into usable battings!

3 thoughts on “Finally a little work

  1. San

    Wow Mary, whew, I bet you’re glad that’s over. Love the flame stitch. As always, great job and thank you.

  2. Darcie

    Mary! You’re always so busy and have your hands in so many different things. I have been behind in my blogging…and just caught up with the last 37 (yes…thirty seven) of your posts. I dare not take the time to comment on all of them.

    I enjoyed the slideshow of your time spent with family for the wedding. Looks like a good time…beautiful setting, too.

    And the ipad is providing lots of fun for you, isn’t it! Love the quilting doodles.

    Happy Anniversary to you and Keith. May the joys that the two of you share together be the threads that bind you forever. 😉

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