Lunch and Learn

We were invited to a lunch today to learn more about our local Habitat for Humanity. We’ve supported Habitat for years but the more I learn, the more I am impressed with their mission and their results.

Stopping by the post office on the way home, I picked up a box from Pat with a HeartStrings top and a bunch of fabrics for backings. I pulled one that will work with the top and I’ll pass the others to Sheree who will turn them into backings.

6 thoughts on “Lunch and Learn

  1. Marilyn

    Happy Belated Anniversary! I stopped by to “catch up” while taking a break from cleaning house. Love all the Heartstring quilts.

  2. GailM

    We worked on a Habitat house in the Musians villate in the 9th ard in New Orleans a couple of years ago, after Katrina. I too was impressed with Habitat. I learned lots through that experiene and I’m so impressed with their organization. My hubby and I don’t have much construction experience, so we painted.

  3. GailM

    My spelling is attrocious. I ment to say, that we worked on a house in the Musicians Village in the 9th Ward in New Orleans.

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