Goal setting

If you’ve read my blog for a long time you may have noticed that I rarely post my to do lists anymore but that doesn’t mean that I don’t set goals for what I want to accomplish with my quilting. I’ve found that long lists stress me and make quilting less fun so now I spend a few minutes in the morning before getting out of bed deciding what I want to accomplish for the day and occasionally, set some weekly goals.

I decided the other day that I want to get at least 5 more tops quilted before the end of the month. It’s not a particularly hard goal but since the tops have been coming in a pretty fast pace and I’m starting to feel the pressure, getting a few quilted will make me feel better.

So here’s #2 of 5 quilted – a donation top pieced by Tamara and quilted with Wonky Feathers from the Pajama Quilter DVD.

This is one of those designs that sometimes I cringe while I’m quilting but never looks that bad when I take it off the machine.

17 thoughts on “Goal setting

  1. Shari

    They both look great. I quit setting long term goals, too. It made quilting more of a job than a hobby. I may still plan for the weekend (the only time I get to quilt), but they are small achievable goals. And if I don’t get finished, it’s something to look forward to the next weekend!

  2. Busy Beavers

    I really like this quilting pattern. It’s busy without being overwhelming… there’s something soothing about it for me.

  3. julie

    Hi Mary, I really like that quilting pattern! Just right in my book. I have tried to write down goals for the week, and have it all planned out…then I just don’t get it all done which is a bit discouraging. I will try the daily list instead.

  4. Sherrill

    I LOVE those wonky feathers! And you get WAAYY more accomplished than most folks I know (INCLUDING myself! LOL). You are GOOD!! Oh yeah, I need a Chesty fix as soon as you’re able! HAHA

  5. Diane

    I agree about the “cringe” while quilting but it looks so good when done! I still write a weekly list and tape it to the side of my machine every week, sometimes I veer off it and that’s ok, but if I don’t have a list I’ll just goof off, yep I will.

  6. Judy D

    I think the quilting looks fabulous!!! I love wonky feathers! I have a Focus On Four list. I write 4 projects and work on them until they are all done then write 4 more. So far it’s been fun and it’s working.

  7. Susan D

    I do this design also, but you always do such a nice job. Wish there were a few more freehand all-over designs like this, it is a good one. I ALWAYS enjoy seeing what you’ve quilted.

  8. Denise in PA

    I am definitely going to have to rewatch my Pajama Quilter DVD – I need to do those wonky feathers – they look fantastic! I’m a list maker – I make lists for just about eveything – even if it’s just in my head. I like crossing items off when they are done. And, with quilting, it keeps me focused and makes me feel productive o:)

  9. Elaine Adair

    Aren’t ‘humble’ quilts lovely after they are quilted? 8-))) I LOVE seeing the difference and knowing that no matter how ‘uninteresting’ one of my quilt tops may be, it will develop new and beautiful personality when quilted, and then go another step, when bound. 8-))) This quilting pattern is great for this quilt. THanks again for the eye candy.

  10. Carolyn in NC

    The quilting looks great. Can we see a picture of the whole quilt? It looks a little different that most of the heartstrings.

  11. Sølvi

    That quilting is just lovely. Semms the quilt is too – how big are the squares – migth be a good idea to use up some scraps.

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