Another cool iPad app

This one allows me to search for quilt photos on Flickr. I type in my search term – in this case string quilt and I get thumbnails on the left side and a larger photo on the right. Even better, I can save the photos I like to a “Stack” on the iPad so I can go back to view them at any time.

The app is called FlickStackr.

5 thoughts on “Another cool iPad app

  1. Judy D

    Mary, Mary, Mary…..I can’t quit thinking about the iPad! I keep thinking of getting one, I keep thinking I don’t need one, then I come here and you show me I really, really want one.

    Keep showing us the cool things you find so I can keep saving for mine. 🙂 🙂

  2. Lorraine

    What happens if you find something that you would like to print off… I understand you cant print straight from the iPad?

  3. Kay

    OK…OK! I keep coming back to your website to see what is going on with you…(you ARE one of my favorites) and then I get green with envy. Like the previous poster I keep saying yes, no, yes on an iPad. We just got our tax return back and it is sooo tempting especially when I see what can be done with them. Do the apps cost $$$ or are they free?

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