Wedding photos lifted from Facebook

Well, I haven’t received any yet but they’re showing up on Facebook so obviously Lindsey’s family has gotten photos from the photographer. Hopefully Adam will send me a DVD with the photos soon.

15 thoughts on “Wedding photos lifted from Facebook

  1. laurie

    sure looks like a beautiful wedding! I love simple weddings!
    ps…how are you liking your ipad? are you a mac user? i had a mac and went back to my pc but for traveling i’m thinking an ipad….

  2. Barbara

    Now Mary, be patient, grin, don’t you remember that old saying, ‘when a daughter marries you gain a son, when a son marries you lose a daughter’! BarbM

  3. Aune Mattila

    Congratulations to all in family. It`s a beginning of young couples life story! Hope it becomes long and happy! You parents must feel happy seeing your children`s happyness. With warm wishes: Aune

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