Quilting first, then piecing

It’s Tuesday but I wanted to quilt this HeartStrings top of Cindy’s that I’d loaded last night first before playing in my strings. This is #4 of 5 I wanted done before the end of April so I should easily meet and maybe even surpass that goal.

She pieced it for our current project and while I chose to use a bright yellow center and kids prints, she chose to go with the blue/yellow option. Quilting is my freehand Baptist Fans — I think they’re my favorite thing to quilt.

And I think someone is a little tired or depressed. Rather than staying downstairs with me or sitting up on the back of the sofa watching out the window, I found him sitting on top of the pillow on the sofa.

Now I’m heading upstairs to start another set of bright yellow blocks for a kid’s quilt and to piece my backing for the week.

13 thoughts on “Quilting first, then piecing

  1. Flatlander (Linda)

    Oh no … Chesty looks so sad!! Hope he has a better day/evening! Love the yellow/black/gray/white quilt … love that color combination. What is so funny is that when I took my very first quilt class … light years ago … they asked us what our LEAST favorite color was. Mine (at the time) was yellow … years later I love it and try and incorporate it into everything I make. Quilting makes you “grow”, I guess.

  2. Flatlander (Linda)

    Took another look at Chesty’s picture … he’s positioned for a great ear scratching or back rub … maybe that’s what he was trying to tell you, Mary 😉

  3. Kathy Wagner

    Wow! What a great looking quilt! Remember when I said that the pyjama feathers were my favorite of your quilting designs… the fans are tied for favorite now!

  4. QuiltSue

    He does look sad – I think he’s playing for attention! He also looks as though he thought it through first – “now let’s see. Where can I be so I’m really comfortable while I wait for some attention?”. Seems like he got it right too!

  5. Judy L.

    What’s wrong with Chesty? Is he not getting enough attention? 🙂

    Love your fans but I haven’t gotten brave enough to try them yet.

  6. Darcie

    Aw…little guy. Maybe there’s a new park or walking route calling his name. 😉

    I LOVE your freehand Baptist Fans. They’re so fluid and free. You’re the best!

  7. Kathie L.

    I wouldn’t have thought to pair the yellows with grey and black in a quilt but it looks wonderful, you both did a great job.


  8. Kornelia

    I really like this color combination too. It is a thing I never would have imagined to put together, but looks really cool. I thinks this is a combination even a guy would like to own. Thanks for the idea.

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