April’s results

Considering all the travel, not bad at all for this month but I do need to get some binding done!

Tops pieced – 1

Tops quilted – 8

Tops tied and bound – 7

Quilts completed (bound and labeled) – 1

Quilts back from binding that are now finished – 2

4 Responses to “April’s results”

  • Just send those quilts overnight by UPS and I’ll get the guild ladies to do it tomorrow afternoon for you 🙂
    That is amazing how much you accomplished with all you had going on this past month!

  • It’s amazing just how much you get done. I think I need to go for a rest after just reading it – and it’s only 7.30am here in the UK!

  • YOu got quite a bit done!

    I’m spending my weekend binding too, now that the quilting is finally done!

  • Dee:

    You rock – you are amazing

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