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Are you missing me?

I’ve been taking lots of photos to share but since I don’t have the camera adaptor yet for the iPad, they’re all still sitting in my camera. Hopefully, I’ll have it by my next trip in mid May.

I had so much fun at the HeartStrings sew in. I finished tying 7 quilts and got them all bound too and I’ll have photos posted hopefully when I get home tonight.

In the meantime, I’ll sit here in the small lounge in Harrisburg, PA with it’s free WiFi and catch up on email and blog reading with my iPad.

From Virgina to Pennsylvania

After visiting Mom one last time today, I drove up to Pennsylvania for a HeartStrings sew-in. Ann is hosting a group of us this week and the others had a little head start on me but I arrived in time for dinner.

I’m back at the hotel now but I got a small quilt tied and partially bound. I’ll finish it up tomorrow and move on to the next one.

Another wedding…but no photos yet

I took some fun photos at my nephew’s wedding today but since I don’t have the card reader for the iPad yet, you’ll have to wait until I get home to see them.

Tomorrow I head to PA for a HeartStrings sew in and Keith heads to Boston.

Do you keep a quilt Journal?

I’ve tried several formats over the last 9 years and now I’m going to try another one.

I was using the Completed Quilts link on the sidebar the other day to look at the quilts I’d finished recently and had the bright idea that I could just copy and paste the post into Word to generate a printable page that looks pretty and uses the same formating from my blog. I can also edit and delete any information from the post I don’t want in the journal and even change the page title if I want to.

I didn’t keep up with the journal at all last year so I’m going to go back and print the blog entries from 2009 that just showed finished quilts and then have them bound at Kinko’s. I’ll start a folder and add each month’s finish for this year also and then at the end of the year I’ll be all set to bind a 2010 version.

High tech and low tech

I’m completely in love with my iPad and haven’t even left home with it. I’ve been playing with a couple drawing programs. Think whiteboard — here’s  some doodling I did on the iPad using my finger to draw.

And a screenshot of another page that I did and emailed to myself in PDF format. They make a stylus but I don’t have one so all of this is drawn with my finger — pretty neat isn’t it?

And on the low tech end, I realized in knitting my current pair of socks that I could get a knit stitch dictionary and play with some interesting textures. For something like this, I like to actually flip through the pages of a book.

Puttering in the sewing room

I’ve got some HeartStrings quilts with backings packed up and ready to take to the sew-in next week in Pennsylvania and today, I pulled my supplies for tying quilts and put them in the bin to carry with me. I’m going to have to take an extra suitcase on this trip.

The yellow string blocks from yesterday along with the cut borders are packed up for the sew-in on the 18th, that one is here in MN. The Lattice blocks are off the design wall and packed up. Keith and I are talking about spending a good part of the summer in Georgia at the condo we still own there (haven’t been able to sell it, might as well use it) and I’ll need some quilting projects to keep me busy.

Look how cool the iPad is up in the sewing room. I wanted to look up something on my Framed Rectangles instructions and just pulled up the PDF file. I know I could do this with the laptop but it’s bigger, takes up more space, and the battery runs down a lot quicker. I’m planning to make this quilt in pink and brown.

But first I decided to cut out another I Spy Tumbler quilt. I know I just finished one but it turned out cute and it’s a fast and easy kiddie quilt. The GO makes it even quicker and I’ve got all of the solid tumblers cut and half of the novelty ones. Isn’t this a cute fabric?

Tuesday’s strings and a new HeartStrings project

We’re playing with YELLOW in April and May so I started a set of blocks for a child’s quilt.

I use a 4×6 setting for these but like my quilt to be a little larger so I’m going to add a 4 or 5 inch border like on this Purple Project Quilt. These are two possible border choices and I might end up using both as I expect I’ll try to get two tops pieced during the project since it’s really very quick to make 24 blocks.

The only problem with playing in my strings is that it’s very, very messy.

Do you remember the “Where is Waldo” children’s books? I feel like the above photo should be titled “Where is Chesty”. He was sitting up in the chair with me and stuck his nose out for the photo. Did you notice him or were you distracted by the mess?

I should be able to finish the last 6 blocks today and also pull some backing fabric for several HeartStrings tops I’m going to take with me to the Pennsylvania sew-in next week.

I went shopping

No photos today, but I went on an outing with Susan and Wendi that got me out of downtown for a change. Lunch and two stops to shop for fabric had me bringing home some backing and binding fabric for HeartStrings quilts. I had a really nice time and we plan to do it again soon.

I also ran into Diane at one of the shops – a longarm quilter that I know from online. I’m always surprised when someone recognizes me!

In the sewing room, I finished up the last of the lattice blocks and started some HeartStrings blocks for a child’s quilt.

Today was nice….

Beautiful weather and I spent a while out on the deck. I also managed to get some quilting and knitting in.

I quilted Baptist Fans on one of my HeartStrings tops, don’t you love the texture?

And a closer view. These are quilted freehand and are so EASY to do, I just love them.

I also got back to  the same point on my socks before I had to rip them out. I’m glad I started over because I really like the texture and I wanted them to be right.

I also noticed on the pattern that she used a K2P2 ribbing for the cuff which I thought looked odd with the pattern so I changed it to a K3P3 which I like better, it’s a smoother transition into the leg and the textured pattern.

I’m not sure how much time I’ll have for quilting and knitting this week.

  • I’m meeting a couple new friends for lunch and some quilt shop hopping tomorrow;
  • we’re going to redo our shower and before I have someone come to discuss what we want done, I have to completely clean/straighten/sanitize the bedroom and master bath and since we went to look at tile and requested a consult today, I need to get ready;
  • I need to start gathering my supplies for my HeartStrings sew-in the week of the 11th, I’m leaving straight from my nephew’s wedding in VA;
  • Tuesday I need to start some string blocks for our new HeartStrings challenge;
  • plus a few other various chores around the house.

I’m going to be busy!

Can you stand one more photo today?

With my Mom last weekend, here’s a photo from my SIL.

Testing blog posting from the iPad

Aren’t my boys cute?

My iPad is here

I’ve been setting up and playing with the iPad all day, still have a few things to figure out but I love it and it’s going to be perfect for checking email and web browsing when I’m traveling as well as other apps (like feeding my scrabble addiction).

Keith made me set it aside for a while and take a walk along the river — it’s a gorgeous sunny day and when I got back – I decided I’d sit outside while I finish up with the iPad setup.

Can you tell who loves the new chair?

This should be fun

We’re not big baseball fans but used to go to Marlin games when we lived in Florida. Now, the Twins are in a brand new stadium just a few blocks from our townhouse so we decided to celebrate our anniversary on April 21 at a game and I just purchased our tickets.

Not much quilty stuff going on today but I did mail off my March & April postcards for our family exchange.  March is late but April’s is early.

Keith brought and assembled a chaise lounge for me to sit out on the deck.  Chesty of course loves it because now he can sit up beside me on the chair instead of having to sit on the bare boards when he’s out here with me.

It’s Spring

After a day hard at work, a glass of wine, my Kindle, and some time spent on the deck is the perfect reward.

Such a fuzzy little boy, he gets his spring haircut tomorrow.

Still working

A second top quilted today, this one pieced by San and her NC group and quilted with another one of my new pantographs – Seaweed. Don’t you love the texture?

This will eventually go to Alycia for her QOV projects after I quilt the last of these tops and they are both bound. They won’t however make it into tomorrow’s shipment which I still have to pack up.

That makes 5 tops since returning home from the wedding — I just might get a few more done before I leave next Friday. Now I’m going to cast on those green socks (again!)

Another quilted with Halcyon

This one pieced by  Melva — she always does interesting things with our HeartStrings blocks. These are blue centered blocks that are set on point with narrow white sashing. You can find the pantograph Halcyon at Willow Leaf Studio.