Imitation is flattering right?

I hope JudyL sees it that way! She’s having a Memorial Day Quilt along and I love the idea but won’t be able to participate because I’ll be traveling SO I thought this would be a great time to make up one of my own Patriotic quilts that’s been posted on my site but that I’ve never actually made. I wonder if I can finish the top before I leave on Thursday?

This quilt has kind of an interesting story — I made a Rail Fence quilt back in 2001 after the attack on the Towers and Pentagon and I somehow managed to donate it without taking a photo. So when I started posting instructions on my website, I decided to recreate the quilt in EQ. Last year I ran across a photo I’d posted on a quilt group and realized my memory was flawed so really I designed two similar but different Patriotic Rail Fence Quilts.

3 thoughts on “Imitation is flattering right?

  1. Julie

    I think that the quilt you designed is wonderful! We too donated a quilt for 911, and I don’t have a picture either.

  2. Angela

    I saw Judy’s challenge, but was a little intimidated by her pieced borders. Your design looks a little more doable in a weekend. Thanks for posting the pattern.

  3. Pat

    I like both versions but just love the fabrics you used in the other one.. makes the quilt look 3D!

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