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It’s not that often that I have something new on my design wall on Monday but I’m making good progress on the Patriotic Rail Fence quilt. Just one more row of blocks and 3 stars and I’ll be ready to assemble. The stars go on the top of the quilt by the way, there just wasn’t enough room to put them there on the design wall.

I’m cutting this quilt out with myAccuquilt GO which makes the cutting really quick so I can get to the piecing faster. Many of my recent quilts are designed so I can use my GO but older ones like this one can be cut with it too.

When people ask me about how much use they’d get from the GO I can just speak about my experience. First, the dies are perfect for the kind of quilts I’ve always made and 2nd because I’m very comfortable working with EQ6 and modifying block sizes, it’s no problem to adapt quilts I want to make to dies that I have. Because more people are purchasing the GO Cutter, I added a page to my MaryQuilts.com site that lists quilts that can be made in whole or partially with the GO.

GO Friendly Quilts

And finally, this isn’t the best photo of it because the sun is kind of bright out there right now, but Caleb’s quilt is finally done.

7 thoughts on “On my design wall

  1. Leah S

    I love the page layout of the GO Friendly Quilts. A little bit of what size is involved, and a thumbnail picture of each quilt.

    I highly doubt I’ll be getting such cutter any time soon. Having a baby. 😉 But actually, my quilt guild just bought one I believe, so this will be a good page to pass onto them.

  2. Becky L

    Mary, you rock. I hate math and I don’t have EQ, so I LOVE that you did the math for me. I will be doing some serious cutting in the next week or so.

  3. deb levy

    cute, both of them.

    And you’re right about the “GO” I develop my designs so I can use my dies too. It is such a time saver…I love it!

    Congrats on winning 2nd in their challenge too!

  4. Marilyn

    I see that Acuquilt has linked to your blog on their Facebook page with your Go friendly quilts. I’m like…hey, I know what lady! It’s like one big family out there.

    I’m trying to convince myself to purchase a Go cutter and you are really pushing me to get one. I can’t see using it for cutting strips, but I think it would come in handy for cutting scraps. I have so many scraps in boxes and buckets and hate cutting them one at a time.

    I think if I had the Go, I could lay them on top of the different size squares and triangles and cut multiple scraps into useable pieces and get them out of the closet and into quilts…

  5. Michelle

    Thanks as always for your help and inspiration. Caleb’s quilt is wonderful. Congratulations on becoming a grandmother.

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