Sock knitting

One of the things Dawn, Vickie, and I talked about at dinner the other night is our attempts at sock knitting and how much fun it is.

I was telling them that I’d just caved in and bought new sock yarn from Knit Picks. My excuse is that we’ll be in GA for two weeks in June and I won’t be able to quilt but really I just loved the combination of yarns in this kit. You’d better hurry if you want to check them out because they’ll be gone soon.

Knit Picks sock yarn

5 Responses to “Sock knitting”

  • You’re an enabler. I’m so tempted to buy the Violet Martini kit. Of course, I’d be crocheting instead of knitting sock, but it would still be fun.

  • Pretty colors! I’m determined to learn to knit two at a time, once I finish the sock that is currently on my dpns. I picked up the book that you recommended, “Knitting Circles Around Socks” and hope to get started soon. Of course, I still need to buy circular needles…

  • Welcome to the Dark Side.

  • And those felici stripes are calling my name! They have some WONDERFUL new colorways, and this yarn feels wonderful on your feet. I keep repeating, “I do NOT need any more yarn… I do NOT need any more yarn.” It’s not working though. I think several of those neat Felici stripes will soon be added to my stash of sock yarn.


  • You’re tempting me to do something I wasn’t going to do! 🙂

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