Quilts of Valor

I finished my top today which is great because that leaves tomorrow for errands, laundry, and packing for my trip to VA.  JudyL is having a Quilt Along this Memorial Day Weekend if you’d like to make your own Quilt of Valor. She’s posting instruction for one of her quilts but even if you don’t make hers — consider making a Quilt of Valor for a wounded soldier or a veteran.

I love how my quilt turned out and it was simple! That’s me, simple Mary. The instructions can be found at my MaryQuilts.com site.

I know it’s Tuesday and I’m supposed to be working on strings but since I make the rules, I figure I can break them. And in a way I am working on strings as I’m getting ready for our next HeartStrings project which will use homespuns for string blocks for veterans (and other recipients as desired by the members creating the quilts).

So as I was pulling fabric, I thought that maybe I would finally try out my Drunkard’s Path GO die. I’ve never done any curved piecing but this is a 7.5 inch block (4 blocks are show sewn together below) so I figured it would be a good one to try — and with all the wonky-ness of the homespuns I figured my mistakes would not be very noticeable. I’ll make enough of these for a quilt for Bev & Darlene’s Veteran Project in Maine.

7 thoughts on “Quilts of Valor

  1. Diane

    Mary, You are so amazing. You get so much done and most of them all for good causes. You are my hero!!!! Diane in Alaska

  2. Diane

    love the patriotic one-the stars at the top are perfect.
    lovin those drunkard’s too!

  3. deb levy

    I love the patriotic quilt.

    And your drunkard’s path looks good too. I have never used that die…mine is still in the packaging! Maybe I should open it up and try it…..

  4. Flatlander (Linda)

    I love homespuns and have been stashing them for a long time. You’ve given me some ideas for using them. LOVE your patriotic quilt … I think I might have a “sew in for one” at my house this weekend. Travel safe, Mary!

  5. Robin

    Did I miss the details on the homespun strings for vets? It is something I would love to do, so could you give me details?

  6. Evelyn

    I am almost finished with my Ocean Waves in homespuns – I think the circles is a good choice for them because they will definately stretch to fill in that curve – no clipping necessary! Great idea Mary! Cheers! Evelyn

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