Not much accomplished today

This is one of those days that I spent all day running but don’t feel like I got much done – however, I’m just about set for my trip tomorrow. One thing I’ve managed to squeeze in is some knitting time. I wanted to have some easy knitting tomorrow while I travel so I’m trying to get the heels done — or at least turned.

I also cast on another pair but realized very quickly that knitting two socks from one skein of yarn was beyond me. I ripped them out and will carry the skein with me in case I need something else to work on while I’m gone but I’ll be knitting that pair one at a time.

4 thoughts on “Not much accomplished today

  1. Diane

    Still marvel at your knitting and love the color of those socks! I had 2 days of unscheduled “running around” this week, makes me feel out of sorts and as if I didn’t get anything else done, when I reall did-just not what was on my list that I wanted to do!

  2. Nancy

    Lovely socks! You might try winding the other skein into two balls so you can work on a pair at the same time. If it is a self-striping yarn, make sure to wind the two balls in the same direction.

    Have fun on your trip!

  3. paula.thequilter

    I divide the 100g skein and wind them up using my ball winder. I just hated the way the two ends of the same skein would twist and tangle around each other. Ugh. But I do love to make two socks at the same time.

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