Summer in Minneapolis

We had a wet cool spring but the last few days have been very warm. We seemed to have gone directly to hot. I was talking to Mom a couple days ago and it was 70 degrees there in VA and 95 here in Minneapolis and that was at almost 7PM.

This time of year I love walking downtown near the Orchestra Hall.

6 thoughts on “Summer in Minneapolis

  1. Diane

    we’ve been about the same cold/rainy and then yesterday 86! what happened to a nice increase in temp to give you a chance to adjust-
    after all the rain I’m loving the sunshine. I will be crankin’ about 86+ if it continues for too long…I’m just never happy 🙂

  2. Jeanne

    Looks like a wonderful area in which to walk. We’ve had those high temps here, too. I’m hiding out inside in the a/c.

  3. Stephanie D

    NC is having a wonderful spring–a little wet, but mild days, with a little sweater weather at night. Perfect for opening the windows and snuggling under a quilt, still.

  4. Kelly Ann

    Okay Mary..after spending five nights watching the top of a building change colors, I even made a video and posted it on facebook, anyway, I kept forgetting to ask the name of the Minneapolis Lady…what is the building downtown that changes color? thx…

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