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More baby photos?

I can’t seem to help myself. Adam sent me this photo of Caleb getting his first bath at home.

And look – he’s already got a Minkee blanket and a quilt from my Mom.

I love getting all the photos esp. since we have to wait so long to see him in person.

New electronics

We’re heading out in the morning for a trip to Washington DC but first, a trip to Best Buy. I wanted to purchase a wireless printer that would allow me to print from the iPad and that would allow Keith to print. For some reason, his work laptop wouldn’t recognize the printer we had on the network and I didn’t feel comfortable messing around with it to try and get it to work so now everything, including the iPhone will print on the wireless printer AND it has two paper trays so I can print photos at any time without having to go downstairs and switch the paper out (that will come in handy with all the baby photos coming in from GA).

I also got a new laptop — this one has a lot more storage capacity for my photos. Now I just have to get my programs and files switched over.

Quilting with a HeartStrings friend

Sheree drove up for the day to play a little on the longarm. I loaded some muslin first for practice and then after a break for lunch and a quick trip to the yarn shop, we put a HeartStrings top on for her to quilt. She did a great job!

And look at this, I just can’t seem to get my head around my little Adam being a father. Don’t they look sweet together?

Ann’s 2nd HeartStrings top

This is the 2nd top I wanted to get quilted today. Pieced by Ann.

Quilted with the pantograph Seaweed — doesn’t it give this string quilt great texture?

Using Line Dancing edge to edge

I thought I’d try something new today on Ann’s blue HeartStrings top. I like freehand, no marking type designs that I can easily work edge to edge so I decided I’d try a swirly version of Line Dancing.

It quilted up easily and overall I think I like it.

But I think it looks better on the front where you tend to see the swirls….

….than the back where the lines stand out more. In case you were wondering, the blocks are 9 inches.

A new favorite iPad app

I love the idea of a memo board and I found an improved version this morning that allows me to add photos, contact info, to do lists, AND sticky notes!

The app is called Corkulous.

Framed Rectangles is a completed top

Where is the sun? It seems like it’s been cool and rainy for weeks and I’m ready for some warm sunny days.

In spite of wanting to curl up with my book today, I forced myself to assemble the Framed Rectangles. Susan showed me her batik version yesterday at lunch and I can’t wait to share a photo of it when she’s finished it. It’s amazing how different quilts from the same pattern can look.

After seeing Susan’s circle quilt and Wendi’s liberated top yesterday, I’m tempted to start something else new but I’m going to be good and do some quilting the rest of the week — maybe even some binding. But first, I deserve and hour or two with my book don’t you think?

Caleb’s here!

Mom, baby, AND Dad are all doing well. Born at 11:59am on May 11th, weighing 6 pounds 8 ounces.

A little earlier than expected

It seems like baby Caleb is going to come a little early – good thing today was the day I had planned to work on his quilt.

Cheating on my Kindle

While the iPad doesn’t replace my Kindle, I’m surprised to find out how much I am reading on it. The Kindle app allows me to pull any of the books I’ve already purchased to the iPad or I can shop directly from it for new books. It will also sync with Amazon so I can start one book on the iPad and pick up the Kindle and keep reading.

A second app I’m loving is Photogene, I’m doing all my photo editing on the iPad with it.

And let’s not forget the ability to print screen so I can share these screenshots with you!

From floor to design wall

Are you a perfect piecer? I’m not and sometimes just a little trim helps my blocks go together better.

My blocks are in the process of going from the floor to the design wall as I finish and assemble the rows. I’ve just worked on this quilt in bits and pieces and it’s a perfect example how 20 minutes here and there adds up.


OK, I’ve decided to go with the hearts and Caleb’s name in the green strips, a ribbon meander in the monkey strips and I’ll decide what to do with the narrow accent strips once I’m done with those two. This one is on the agenda for early this week. In case anyone was wondering, I’m using the iPad and Adobe Ideas to draw the quilting designs.

Framed Rectangles, finally!

How long ago did I design this quilt, I don’t even remember but I’m finally working  on piecing one.

Instructions can be found at my site.

Quilt as desired

I don’t usually spend a lot of time pondering what to quilt, probably because I don’t do much custom quilting and I can usually come up with an overall design or pantograph based on the fabrics or the purpose of a quilt but I have to admit it’s fun to play with quilting designs on the iPad.

Yellow and Blue

This is Cindy’s 2nd HeartStrings top she pieced for our current project.

Quilted with Feather Me by Mereth, one of my favorite pantographs.

And Sheree, the backing you sent on Saturday by AnnG was just perfect for it.

I did say it was quick

Caleb’s quilt just needs quilting now. You may notice the selvages on the edges – while I even up the strips as I’m piecing, I just leave these on until the top is quilted and then I trim them off as I square up the quilt and get it ready for binding.

A close up of the monkeys….it may not look like much now but these are SO cute when they’re quilted and bound.

It’s funny that I’m piecing this one right now because there’s been some discussion on the HeartStrings group about quilting/learning to quilt on a domestic sewing machine.

When I first got my longarm, I wanted a quick donation quilt that I could practice my quilting on that didn’t take long to piece and designed this little quilt just for that purpose. With the different width strips it’s prefect for practicing sashing, border, and all over quilting designs and by the time you’ve repeated the design in all the strips through the quilt, they’re pretty well embedded in your brain.

This was also one of the first quilts that I posted instructions for on my site and the one that is most frequently downloaded and that I get the most email about.

So if you’re one of those quilters who wants to practice your quilting — think about whipping up one of these little quilts and then donating it when you’re done.

Mary’s Quick Strippie.

More clamshells

I debated whether to include the Pampas grass and decided that the string quilts are busy enough on their own and I like the simple clamshell on them best.

This HeartStrings top was pieced by Sue in FL. This is a pretty quilt with floral strings but you may not be able to tell because I always take the photos without flash so the quilting texture will show. Once it’s quilted and bound, I’ll share a photo of the quilt that shows off the fabrics.

I always feel good when I’m quickly working my way through my list. This week I wanted to assemble 1 top, quilt 3, and bind 2 and all that’s left on that list is one more to quilt.

I think I’ll add making a Quick Strippie for Adam’s baby that’s due on the 23rd of May to this week’s list. I think I’ve put that off long enough although I do have all fabric set aside.

A couple finishes

These two HeartStrings quilts were the ones I tied on Saturday at the sew-in. I was going to get the binding on a third one but didn’t have any fabric in my stash that would work which is very unusual but the quilt is made from 30’s prints so I set that aside for now.

The first quilt was assembled by Jane from blocks sent into Sue for group quilts and the second one was pieced by Lani and her group in CA.

How’s this for quick?

I pieced the back and batting, loaded and quilted the HeartStrings top I’d just finished assembling. I can’t remember the last time I finished a top and quilted it right away without it aging on the shelf for a while.

Quilted with the Pampas Grass Clamshell template from Circle Lord, this time I quilted the grass too.

It’s not Tuesday but….

I couldn’t sleep so I got up and finished up the 2nd HeartStrings top I’m doing for our April/May project. It’s not the best photo but really, it’s a cute quilt. I don’t usually put an inner border on these small ones but pulled that little stripe to use for the binding and had just enough to add a small inner border.

Still on the list for this week is some binding and quilting – I’d like to get 3 tops quilted but we’ll see how it goes.