Big Canoe, North Georgia

Someone asked about Big Canoe in a comment — Big Canoe is a resort type community in the North Georgia mountains, just an hour from where we lived in Marietta. The move to Minneapolis with Keith’s company 3+ years ago had been completely unexpected and we had bought this condo just a year before.

While we’ve had it for sale, the market for vacation homes these days hasn’t been good so Chris keeps an eye on it for us and we visited last summer and again this year. When I’m here I think we should come more often but there always seem to be so many other places to visit.

A walk to the end of the street gave me an opportunity to snap a couple photos of one of my favorite spots.

9 Responses to “Big Canoe, North Georgia”

  • bettyp:

    AW!! What a beautiful place to be!!

  • Oh my! Please ask around and see if anyone would like to trade a house on an island, 5 min. walk to Atlantic ocean… I’m moving!!!!!!
    Oh, I’m having a giveaways for a signed copy of CITY QUILTS if anyone is interested… come on over! 🙂

  • Susie:

    How beautiful Mary. I love the mountains & all the lovely trees. I would trade places to have your’s except my husband does not like cold or snow, dang…

  • Pretty place! I would hate to sell it, but then, it’s a long way to come to enjoy it.

  • What a beautiful site! Mountains and trees are so peaceful-looking.

  • Annette:

    Mary, You probably know that Maria Peagler lives at Big Canoe. I enjoy reading your blog. She has the best seller book “Color Mastery” which is the Benjamin Franklin award winner for Best Craft Book of 2009.

  • Annette:

    Mary, I hit the submit button too soon. The second sentence should have been last. Sorry about that.

  • wendiq:

    I envy your fabulous retreat spot. I am currently reading “The Help”…..excellent.

  • Tanya:

    What a beautiful spot! It looks like a continuation of heaven. I can see why you love visiting.

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