More 30’s from Mom

Isn’t this tumbler quilt sweet? It was very quick to cut out with the Accuquilt GO and then Mom randomly added the flowers (also cut with the GO).

10 Responses to “More 30’s from Mom”

  • I LOVE this quilt! The design is adorable and so are the fabrics. Your Mom did a great job on this one!

  • Please stop showing these quilts. I am not walking around the house all day chanting “I don’t need a GO, I don’t need a GO, I don’t need a GO…….”

  • Amy:

    Ooooohhh…the flowers are a WONDERFUL touch to this quilt! Well done Mom! I love 30’s!

  • This is adorable! Long sigh!! I’m with Vicki, I don’t need a GO! But gosh, I sure want one!

  • I really like the little tumbler quilt. The flowers really add a special touch. Good job…

  • Mary, your mom’s quilt from the 30’s fabrics is adorable. Thank you too for the quilt instructions.
    I need a GO too! I like to make my quilts fast and every time you show the GO…I am thinking I have to get one.

  • CITY QUILTS would be really neat in 30’S!~~~~

  • Your Mom has a real eye for lovely quilts. The flowers are a great addition–rounded to offset the angles and perfect with those fabrics.

  • of all the tumbler quilts I’ve seen – your mom’s is BY FAR THE CUTEST!!! I love the 30’s and the GFG in the centers of the white blocks is perfect! 😉

    Missing Georgia from all your recent posts. We lived in Augusta, GA not once but twice! and it will always be home to us.

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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