One son leaves, the other arrives

We have a couple more days to spend with Adam, Lindsey, & Caleb.

11 thoughts on “One son leaves, the other arrives

  1. Sandra Henderson

    lol~ Your sons are wearing out your pup! lol
    What a great photo, with the remote control… lol
    What a beautiful family. I know you are just LOVING have the baby around… ENJOY!

  2. kathie

    awe how cute he is
    and love the photo with chesty and the remote, too funny!
    so glad your have lots of time with your boys as well as the baby

  3. sandy

    Oh Mary I’m so jealous ….. our “Oliva” is due 3 weeks from today …. we can’t wait. Your Caleb is so cute … hmmm who knows they might meet someday. LOL

  4. Karen

    Sweet, sweet baby boy! He is really growing and looks so huggable.

    Chesty really does look worn out, poor pup.


  5. Linda in NE

    Caleb is such a little cutie!! Looks like Chesty’s vacation has totally worn him out. I kind of knew how he felt after the heat & humidity on Friday & Saturday.

  6. Dianne B. in England

    Has Chesty ever seen a baby before? What does he think of Caleb? Those are really nice photos. I especially like the ones of Keith with Caleb. He’s already the perfect Grandad! 🙂 Now we need to see some more *Granny* and Caleb photos!

  7. Flatlander (Linda)

    Love the photo with Keith and Caleb … they have a lot of fun years ahead of them! Chesty with the remote is hysterical 😉 Looks like it might have been a “late night” for him …. LOL

  8. Patty

    Chesty is clearly exhausted from all the company! :^)
    Caleb has changed a lot since your last picture of him, what a hansome young man!

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