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Playing with a new iPad app

Colorsplash easily allows you to change a photo to black and white and then selectively recolor part of an image and it’s much easier to do with my finger than with a mouse.

On my design wall (again!)

As tempted as I was to start a new set of blocks, I decided I’d get this Lattice top assembled first. I’d made all the blocks but when we were planning to spend 6 weeks in GA this summer, I was saving up projects to work on. Now that we’ll only be there 2 weeks and are flying so I won’t have my machine, it’s time to get this top together.

I’m sewing all the blocks together in groups of 4 and then will assemble the top from there. Mom finished assembling her 30’s version we cut out while I was visiting her but she hasn’t sent me a photo yet.

I’m not sure if Keith was happier to see me or Chesty when he got home this evening. We’ll have to enjoy his company quickly because he’s gone again on Wednesday.

A third one bound

Another binding finished last night. This HeartStrings top was made by Melva. I just have 3 quilts left waiting for binding.

Last night’s finish

Overcast still but not raining right now — here’s another one of MY HeartStrings quilts. Two of my quilts in a row – unusual but I’m enjoying working on my stuff a little this month. This one just happens to be a UFO from last year too so it’s my 7th finished UFO for the year and since my goal is to finish 12 (or one per month) I’m on track with that.

Quilted with my favorite freehand Baptist Fans!

This one has one of my Off Center 4 patch backings and I love how it coordinates with the top.

Binding is done, let’s do another

I LOVE this little quilt — so happy and colorful! I pieced this during our last HeartStrings project and quilted it with my Circle Lord Pampas Clam template. It will be donated to the local Ronald McDonald House here in Minneapolis.

We have had the wettest spring and summer so far but in spite of the rain today, I wanted a photo of this one on the deck.

Moving in slow motion

I seem to be moving at half speed since getting home from Virginia – it probably doesn’t help that since I’ll be leaving again in a week, I’ve kind of written June off as far as being very productive with my quilting.

I finally set my book aside and got this little HeartStrings quilt of mine trimmed and the binding made and stitched on the quilt. I’ll sit here tonight (by myself) and hand stitch it down and maybe a finish will perk me up a bit.

Don’t you just love how the striped binding will echo the inner border.

Kind of an ugly duck

I know it’s overly scrappy but I like it. I worked at this on and off all day (Thursday) and into the night in 15 & 30 minute segments until it was assembled. Really, assembling tops has to be one of my least favorite parts of quilting but the rules around here keep me in line – tops need to be completed before I move on (in most cases).

Obviously this one is too big for the design wall but its the best photo I’m going to get at 2AM.

Framed Rectangles

I’m always so pleased and excited when someone uses instructions from my site to make their own version of one of my quilts.

My friend Susan sent me this photo today of her quilt made with Batiks – isn’t it gorgeous? If you’re interested in making your own – click this lint to see my brown/pink top and download the instructions.

I made a decision

But then I changed my mind. After all your input (THANK you very much) I decided I would go ahead with the Drunkard’s Path without borders yesterday. But then today, I realized that if I finished the blocks I had already started I had exactly enough for the version with borders so I decided I’d go with that one because it’s a little longer and it will be a bed quilt for a veteran in Maine. I also decided I’d do a borderless version in pink and purple scraps for Ronald McDonald House.

Now, you have to imagine this scrappy! I don’t often take the time to color in a design with a bunch of different fabrics, in this case I’m using one purple and one pink but I’ll use a bunch of different purples and pinks when I actually make the quilt.

This quilt will measure 55 x 68 and I’ll use my Accuquilt GO to cut the blocks — you wouldn’t believe how much quicker and easier it is to cut a quilt like this with the die — it’s why I bought my GO.

My EQ7 upgrade arrived today

Not much piecing going on with the Drunkard’s Path blocks and today was supposed to be devoted to Strings since it’s Tuesday AND we have a new HeartStrings project but with EQ7 arriving everything else was set aside.

After looking around the program a bit, I decided to play with drafting a quilt I plan to make in blues. I bought a fabric kit just for the indigo and shirting fabrics and had in my mind that I would make a BLUE version of my Red Rover quilt.

Edit: Although only version 2 shows scrappy fabrics — whichever design I choose will be made in a variety of blues and a variety of background fabrics – I often just use a single fabric when designing because it’s so much quicker!

After playing a little more I came up with another couple possibilities.

Version 2

Version 3 (All three of these can be cut with my GO die – using the 4 inch half square triangle and the 2.5 inch strip die).

And just because EQ has that crazy Serendipity option, Version 4. You might not think this version is possible but after my class with Paula Nadelstern, I feel comfortable enough with templates that I could….I won’t, but I could!

After all of that, I’m still leaning toward the first version but it will be a while before I can even think about starting this one!

Any feedback for me?

I’m debating whether to add borders to the Drunkard’s Path. The only requirement is that the quilt is in the 60×80 size range.

Obviously, my quilt is going to be scrappy but do you prefer one of these over the other?

This first one with borders is 64 x 91

This second one without is 68 x 81.

On my design wall

Not a lot of piecing or quilting going on since I got home but I have been working some on the Drunkard’s Path blocks.

These are being cut with my Accuquilt GO and I’m piecing them without pins, using my regular 1/4 inch foot. I haven’t decided if the stretchiness of the homespuns makes it easier or harder but as I’m squaring up each block I don’t really care.

Using my 15 inch ruler, I line up the 7 mark with my center.

And trim to 14 inches square. I technically end up losing 1/2 inch per block but in reality, my seam allowances tend to be on the slightly generous side so I’m OK with that in exchange for not pinning and having all the blocks trimmed to the exact same size.

When I line my ruler up for the first cut, I just make sure that everything falls at or over the 14 inch mark and then flip the block and trim the last two sides leaving a 14 inch block.

It’s the weekend

I’m just home and Keith will be heading out soon so I’m trying not to spend too much time with my own activities although my sewing room is calling me!

I have managed to make a couple drunkard’s path blocks and have started transferring files from the old laptop but the bulk of today was spent with Keith.

And here’s a new photo from Adam of Caleb with his monkey quilt.

Day two

I had the best time! I’ll get the other photos uploaded and post a link later but here’s a group shot.

Puzzle Quilts with Paula Nadelstern

Day one!

Vicki was the only one to finish her block – the rest of us spent most of the day with Anne’s “deer in headlights” look. Vicki even celebrated my birthday and Anne’s promotion with a pair of cakes.

How would you celebrate?

For my birthday, I’m participating in a quilt class/retirement/birthday celebration with online friends. I was invited to help VickiW celebrate all the above and it just happened to fall on my own birthday, how cool is that?

Results for May 2010

Quilts bound = 3

Tops quilted = 6

Tops tied = 2

Tops pieced = 4