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Pajama Qulter

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Since the post with the link to pre-ordering the new Pajama Quilter DVD keeps getting modified mysteriously by my WordPress app, I thought I’d make a post just for it.

You know that the current DVD is one of my favorites and I’ve been anxiously awaiting another one from Dawn. I thought I’d share the news with the rest of you that have and love her DVD that she’s now accepting pre-orders at a discounted price!

The new Pajama Quilter DVD

A little me time!

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Love the family but I’m happy to have the next few days to myself. I always forget how much I miss being at our Condo in North Georgia. It’s been for sale since we moved to Minneapolis but as you can imagine, in the current economy not many people are looking to purchase vacation homes.

As I turn off the highway, I see the mountains in the distance.

I check out the view.

Chesty explores the deck. This is his first trip back since we moved

My favorite chair where I’ve already spent a quiet hour with my knitting, Chesty and an audiobook.

I don’t have a machine here but I’ve got my AppleCore quilt out and ready to work on tonight. I’m hand piecing these blocks that I cut with my Accuquilt GO but haven’t worked on them since December so this trip was a good opportunity to make some progress on them.

Do you dream about the perfect house?

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My current dream is to own a monopoly building. I’d like one that is 3 stories high with a store front that I could set up as a public sewing space for HeartStrings get togethers, one floor would have a quilt studio for me and one or two guest rooms, and the third floor would be living space for us. A rooftop deck with a view would be great too!

We won’t move again while we are in Minnesota but who knows maybe next move I’ll find my perfect place.

Using your own fabrics in EQ7

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JudyL had a good post yesterday about photographing your fabrics for use in EQ7 so I thought I’d share one other way I imported fabrics from a specific collection to use in designing a quilt for Mom.

First, I’d bought her this kit from Connecting Threads and since I didn’t like the open space in the middle, I’d bought her extra fabrics to piece 4 blocks for the center.

That of course left her with enough leftover fabric for another quilt so I designed this one for her by saving the photos of the fabric right off the site since I didn’t have the fabric here to photograph. She’ll fussy cut the birds and then piece the alternate fabrics and by using their fabric line, she can see just what the quilt will look like when she’s done.

Sleeping the day away

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I refuse to say how late I slept today but now that Keith is going up to bed, I’ll be heading to the sewing room for a while to work on assembling more of the Lattice top.

I did manage to write and upload instructions on my site.

I also wrote instructions for the Drunkard’s Path quilt the other day. For those of you without the GO die, I included a template but I’d be the first to say that cutting those blocks with a template would be a BIG pain! So here’s a link to Marti Mitchell templates that make anywhere from a 6 to 7 inch block. My GO makes a 7 inch finished block.

Lattice Quilt Instructions

Drunkard’s Path Instructions