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One last finish for July

The top was pieced by Sue in FL and quilted with my Circle Lord Pampas Clam template.

I just love the stripe binding and the clamshells on this. How fun to take a lovely top to add to it’s beauty with my quilting and binding.

I briefly considered going upstairs and finishing those last 8 string blocks I need for my Homespun String top but I’m feeling lazy so I’ll put on another movie and start stitching on another binding.

A pretty time of day

Decided to wait until this evening to ride.

More butterflies

This top from Sue in FL is bright and happy and the small size determined that it would need to be a donation quilt for a child so I though more freehand butterflies would be perfect.

This time I didn’t quilt loops but just let one butterfly flow into the next with a curved line. I think Dawn shows them both ways on the DVD. The backing fabric was pulled from stash because it was the right color for the top – how appropriate that it had butterflies on it too.

Take a look if you haven’t seen the trailer yet for Dawn’s new Pajama Quilter DVD.

You all should be proud of me too … I’m still binding and will finish up hand-stitching one this evening and earlier this afternoon I made and machine stitched another one so all it needs is the hand-stitching too.


I’d loaded the backing for this quilt and pieced the batting last night so it was all ready for me to quilt this evening.

The HeartStrings top was pieced by Sue in FL and it’s quilted with the Halcyon Pantograph by Lorien Quilting.

You can’t tell from the photo but I’ve used a pretty variegated thread on this top (Polyquilter by Superior). It’s the same thread I used on the last quilt and I’ll use it on the next too….both of those have/will have freehand butterflies quilted on them. I try to pull at least 2-3 tops at a time that I can use the same thread on rather than changing thread each time.

My stash rarely lets me down

I provide bindings and many of the backings for the donated tops that come my way and my stash rarely lets me down when it comes to finding a fabric that will work for a binding. Of course, I tend to shop these days for good binding fabric including stripes – one of my current favorite fabrics types to use for binding.

I couldn’t believe that I didn’t have a shade of green that would work with this top but I found this stripe that works well in the cubby with my browns.

This binding has been made now and applied by machine — all it needs is the hand stitching.

I’m still focusing on my walking/biking. Today’s walk wasn’t far — just under 2.5 miles to the grocery store and back. Most days I’m managing somewhere between 2.5 and 8 miles with an average of about 4.5. I’m not trying to push but to just do something.

Keith is in GA

He’s taken his Mom for a visit to the north GA Mountains and to see the boys. Chris took some wonderful photos this afternoon but he’s not in any of them. I’m so jealous that Keith gets to see Caleb and the boys without me!

iMovie and YouTube

I’m not a big fan of YouTube but I do occasionally watch a quilting video posted there and Adam posted a video of Caleb to share with us yesterday so that got me playing with my iPhone and the iMovie app to combine a few photos of Chesty with a short video to send to Keith with just a few clicks.

We’ve never been video fans and I usually forget that my camera has video properties but I can see how this might be fun to combine photos and short videos to send to family.

Chesty’s video

And not to bore you with family video but isn’t technology amazing? I know being so far away we’ll miss a lot as Caleb grows but I’ve watched this video of him cooing several times already.

Caleb’s video

Quilting butterflies

Funny but when I got my new Pajama Quilter DVD and workbook, this wasn’t the design I thought I’d be quilting first but Dawn made them look so fun in the DVD I just had to try them.

My spacing could be a little better but that’s pretty typical of my trying out a new pattern. This is a little HeartStrings top I pieced during our last project.

Do you know what makes Dawn a GOOD teacher? She encourages you to have fun and to not stress, she tells you that you can’t mess up. So when I quilt a butterfly like this where I didn’t do a very good job of retracing my center, I don’t give myself a hard time.

And when I do one like this ….

and this….I tell myself what a WONDERFUL quilter I am.

I also found that I could space the wings out a little and have less of a line to retrace.

Dawn is such an inspiring quilter and a nice person … she even laughed when I called her Fern Ziggle design BLOB quilting when I posted my drawing the other night. That’s the next one on my list to try out but first I might see if I can find another top here to do this one again to help embed it in my brain.

Coffee & errands

I needed to run to the Mall of America and was able to coordinate with Sue to meet for coffee. It’s so convenient to take the Light Rail

Still binding

Usually my life revolves around my quilting but lately quilting has revolved around my life ….in spite of that I am making some binding progress. This top was pieced by Sue in FL. I don’t know what pattern she used but I posted a brief explanation of how the blocks are pieced and now it’s bound and labeled and ready for donation once I wash it.

I’ve also been playing with EQ7 again – this time in anticipation of getting the new Dresden Plate die from Accuquilt. I’ve been planning to make a Fan quilt for years but haven’t wanted to do all the cutting. I’m not sure if I’ll use any of these ideas but I might. I love how easy it is to take an idea and quickly create different variations looking for the one perfect design.

Remember the Barn Quilt Contest?

The unveiling was last week and you can see photos and details at the Accuquilt site

I was awarded a generous gift certificate for my second place win and I’m getting ready to spend more of it with the new Dies coming out in August but having my design on the Accuquilt headquarters is the biggest thrill.

EDIT: Michelle requested I post another photo of my Barn Quilt.

What are you drawing?

For those of you who’ve bought the new Pajama Quilter DVD what’s on your drawing board?

I’ve got a small Heartstrings top that I’m thinking of quilting the little butterflies on and I love the blob quilting…I just have to find a top to try it out on.

I love storms

Especially in the middle of the night.

More binding finished

The HeartStrings top was pieced by Sue in FL and quilted with my freehand Baptist Fans. Don’t you love the texture?

If you’re interested in more information about how I quilt my fans, check out the links on this page.

New GO dies

I’ve already got the Dresden Plate (which will also make a fan quilt) and the small Drunkard’s Path die on my shopping list….they’re available now for pre order.

Accuquilt GO – new releases

Is anyone else shopping?


I’ve been slacking off on the binding front so today I trimmed two quilts and got the bindings sewn on. The first one, pieced by Tish is complete with the hand stitching finished tonight.

And Adam sent me some new photos of Caleb ….this is my favorite one. Isn’t he cute?

A little work here and there

I’m working in slow motion again but I did make some more HeartStrings blocks last night and today I quilted this top pieced during our last HeartStrings project by May in NJ.

I was tempted to do one of the flower variations from the new Pajama Quilter DVD but decided I hadn’t practiced it enough and did Wonky Feathers from Dawn’s last DVD instead.

Someone else is moving in slow motion these days. I came up from quilting and found him curled up in his bed.


Half the fun of having the toys is the finding new apps. This one, iMapMyWalk will track the mileage and the route I walk and allow me to take photos along the way.

Today’s walk included some stops because I prefer destination walking to walking in cicles. I had dinner at Brit’s and NO I did not eat all those fries! I love fries but only eat a handful of them.

At Dunn Bros, I pulled out my new Pajama Quilter Workbook and practiced a few drawings. I can already tell there are a few designs in here that will become standards for me along with the Wonky Feathers, Flowers, and Dwirling from the last DVD.

Blue Skies and Water

This time of year all I dream about is being somewhere on the water …so my July postcards reflect that although how successfully I’m not sure.

I’ve been wanting to play with some ribbon and yarn and try couching – there are a few beads in the first postcard for sparkle.

I’m not an artist so I’m not trying to make any great statements with my postcards but it’s nice to try new techniques on a small scale.

My base fabric for these is a hand dyed from Deb.

Can you take a good self portrait?

I’ve not mastered the art of holding a camera out and taking a photo of myself but it probably won’t surprise you to know I have a new toy. When my DIL mentioned that she’d been wanting an iPhone, I decided it was a good excuse to upgrade to iPhone 4 and give her my old one – now it’s time to learn the new features of the phone.

So since I was on my bike ride alone today, I thought I’d snap a photo from both the front and back cameras to share. Here’s another pretty view of the city, I’m just getting ready to ride into Boon Island Park and there’s the prettiest yard with lots of flowers right outside the gate.

I look kind of goofy I know!