Sue’s string star

I had a question about the pattern that Sue in FL used on her quilt and unfortunately, most of the time I don’t know on these donation quilts which patterns were used but in this case it’s a fairly common string block.

Here’s an EQ drawing of 4 blocks sewn together. The light “star” is actually the foundation fabric.

In order to get sharp points, you’ll need to overlap those strings a quarter of an inch in the corner (this overlap is what will fall in your seam allowance).

You’d also want to decide how much of your foundation you want uncovered — I prefer a version like Sue’s that doesn’t have too much of it uncovered rather than a large amount of the background showing. I’d suggest you measure and mark your foundations on either side of the corner so it will be consistent.

2 Responses to “Sue’s string star”

  • Susan D:

    Ok, I have to ask, and not try to figure it out for myself– how much from each side DID Sue leave? Very unique pattern that it makes. Love it! Good job…

  • Mary, thank you so much. I like how the background fabric make stars, but had no idea how to make this string quilt.

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