Coffee & errands

I needed to run to the Mall of America and was able to coordinate with Sue to meet for coffee. It’s so convenient to take the Light Rail

8 thoughts on “Coffee & errands

  1. Kathie L.

    My daughter would be very jealous, she has always wanted to take a trip to that mall.

  2. wilmanc1

    I’m making a visit to my grandson in Lake City in about 3 weeks. One of the places we are going to see is the Mall of America. We planned to drive in, wonder if there is somewhere we could park and take a train in?? I’ll have to check it out.

  3. Sue H

    It was so much fun to meet you and have a nice chat over a cup of coffee! Thanks for meeting me halfway at the Mall of America.

  4. Sue

    Mary – I tried to send this to you on e-mail, but it won’t work. My computer abilities are somewhat limited without my husband here. I would like to know what you think of the EQ7. I am considering buying it,but it is quite an investment for me and my computer abilities, as mentioned, are not the best. A local quilt store is offering a class and I would take it. Do you think I would like it, will it help me a lot in designing my own projects that I have trouble seeing in my head and putting it on paper? I would appreciate any comments. Thank you – Sue

    As always, I check your blog everyday. Please reply on e-mail

  5. julie

    HI Mary! Glad you had a good time! The Heart Strings Quilters have been busy and have some quilts ready to send you…could you send me your address later??

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