Still binding

Usually my life revolves around my quilting but lately quilting has revolved around my life ….in spite of that I am making some binding progress. This top was pieced by Sue in FL. I don’t know what pattern she used but I posted a brief explanation of how the blocks are pieced and now it’s bound and labeled and ready for donation once I wash it.

I’ve also been playing with EQ7 again – this time in anticipation of getting the new Dresden Plate die from Accuquilt. I’ve been planning to make a Fan quilt for years but haven’t wanted to do all the cutting. I’m not sure if I’ll use any of these ideas but I might. I love how easy it is to take an idea and quickly create different variations looking for the one perfect design.

8 thoughts on “Still binding

  1. QuiltSue

    There’s some beautiful designs there, I wonder which one you’ll make – or will you do something completely different? I’m looking forward to finding out.

  2. Deb Levy

    I like the “chains” with the fans. I also like the “tumblers” for a border.

    And of course my favorite color combo is the lime/pink!

  3. Angie

    Great designs Mary! If we are voting, I pick the last design! Pink upright fans. I have the new EQ7 upgrade loaded on on my laptop, but not a moment to play with it— yet. Too many other things going on it seems to sit down and concentrate.

  4. Susie

    I like the pink & lime green. All the designs are nice. Haven’t had a chance to work with my EQ 7 yet. I’m on a mission to finish UFO’s before I start anything else.

  5. jan ward

    those designs are beautiful mary, I like them all. I am going to treat myself to EQ7 at some point. I am being very strict with myself though and finishing off a pile of ufo’s first. recently purchased a new sewing machine that doesn’t jam and chew up my quilts. so much quicker than hand quilting.

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