Quilting butterflies

Funny but when I got my new Pajama Quilter DVD and workbook, this wasn’t the design I thought I’d be quilting first but Dawn made them look so fun in the DVD I just had to try them.

My spacing could be a little better but that’s pretty typical of my trying out a new pattern. This is a little HeartStrings top I pieced during our last project.

Do you know what makes Dawn a GOOD teacher? She encourages you to have fun and to not stress, she tells you that you can’t mess up. So when I quilt a butterfly like this where I didn’t do a very good job of retracing my center, I don’t give myself a hard time.

And when I do one like this ….

and this….I tell myself what a WONDERFUL quilter I am.

I also found that I could space the wings out a little and have less of a line to retrace.

Dawn is such an inspiring quilter and a nice person … she even laughed when I called her Fern Ziggle design BLOB quilting when I posted my drawing the other night. That’s the next one on my list to try out but first I might see if I can find another top here to do this one again to help embed it in my brain.

20 thoughts on “Quilting butterflies

  1. szkornelia

    This turned out really cute. I think this quilting pattern fits nicely this bright and cheerful quilt. I love the fabrics on the closeup especially the ladybugs.

  2. Ann

    I love the butterflies and your positive attitude about your quilting. I am thinking about getting Dawn’s DVD, would you recommend to start with the first one or doesn’t it matter which one a person starts with? I am new to long arm quilting and this looks like so much fun. Thanks Mary.

  3. Cyndi Holguin

    Oh my God granddaughter and I just used that frog material for her green quilt. She loves it. I also love those butterflies. I want to get Dawn’s DVD. I think I will order them Thanks

  4. Sue

    Thanks for answering so quickly. I ordered one today and am truly looking forward to it. Many thanks!

  5. Teresa F.

    This is such a cute quilt and you ARE a wonderful quilter Mary! And congratulations on winning second place in the Accuquilt Barn Quilt contest. Have fun spending your gift certificate.

  6. Pat

    Thanks for the tip on spacing the wings. I pre-ordered the DVD and the workbook when you first posted about it. I couldn’t agree more with Kathy and Ann’s post. You do have a fantastic attitude and inspire so many of us out here just starting to get our toes wet. ~ Thanks

  7. Aubrey

    I love the butterflies! And thanks for the smile. I alwas love it when I see a fabric I recognise in one of your quilts. This time there are 2. Thanks for the insperation!

  8. Beth McDonald

    WOW, Mary! I can already see that I will be learning alot from you! I love your attitude about jumping in and doing a new skill or a new pattern, confident that eventually you will be great at it, and it is okay on the first try to just be ‘okay’ and be proud. Bravo!

  9. Helen in the UK

    Oh, such fun!! Yes, relax and enjoy the flow … every creature in real life is an individual, so why shouldn’t a quilted one be individual too 🙂

  10. Bobbi

    It is so nice of you to share your new accomplishments and it encourages me to try them too. What a great job, it makes me want to get my new DVD and workbook out and give it a try.

  11. Patricia Denk

    Hello Mary, wonderfull butterflys. And I am so happy about your tipp with the new DVD from the pajama quilters. Yesterday it arrived to me and i am so happy that i bought it. Great Inspiration!! I made butterflys also, as i saw the trailer from the DVD. If you had time, take a look.
    Greetings from germany

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