iMovie and YouTube

I’m not a big fan of YouTube but I do occasionally watch a quilting video posted there and Adam posted a video of Caleb to share with us yesterday so that got me playing with my iPhone and the iMovie app to combine a few photos of Chesty with a short video to send to Keith with just a few clicks.

We’ve never been video fans and I usually forget that my camera has video properties but I can see how this might be fun to combine photos and short videos to send to family.

Chesty’s video

And not to bore you with family video but isn’t technology amazing? I know being so far away we’ll miss a lot as Caleb grows but I’ve watched this video of him cooing several times already.

Caleb’s video

7 thoughts on “iMovie and YouTube

  1. Beth in AZ

    My terrier Rally, had to answer Chesty back! He heard him making noises…and he barked back..too funny! Caleb could not be sweeter..what is boring about that????

  2. Dee Winter

    Obviously you don’t realize that us grandma types love all babies and puppies. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Flatlander (Linda)

    Your posts are NEVER boring, Mary. Caleb is absolutely adorable and he’s quite the “talker” … LOL Loved, loved, loved the video of Chesty … but I’m crazy about him anyway so just seeing more pictures of him only made a good day better! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Gail

    Hi Mary, I’m knew at posting here but have seen your Heart Strings website and your blog before. It seems we have a couple of things in comon too–one of which is being very proud first-time grandmothers, lol. I Loved watching the video of Caleb. What a cutie pie he is. How old is he? He reminded me of my a new grandson, Calvin who is almost 3 months old. He has just started giggling and smiling like Caleb.

    Gail 🙂

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