Keith is in GA

He’s taken his Mom for a visit to the north GA Mountains and to see the boys. Chris took some wonderful photos this afternoon but he’s not in any of them. I’m so jealous that Keith gets to see Caleb and the boys without me!

6 thoughts on “Keith is in GA

  1. Marilyn

    Too bad you couldn’t have gone too…….then they send you
    those pics to make you feel jealous LOL.

  2. QuiltSue

    Caleb is so gorgeous. Can’t get over how much he’s grown already.

    I watched Chesty’s video too, and he’s lovely too.

  3. bettyp

    Mary,that woman in the yellow shirt can not be your Mother-in-Law.She just looks way to young !!
    Thay baby is growing and so adorable!!!

  4. stitchin granny


    I was just perusing some quilting blogs, and I found you again! Many years ago–almost 9, I believe (you still lived in Florida), I found your blog, and your beautiful quilts and talent inspired me. I took a long hiatus–was a caregiver for mom and sis while working full time. Now, I have found you once again, and your precious family has grown. Caleb is precious; congratulations! I, too, know the love and joy of grandchildren, and my life is enriched and blessed. I know I’m being long-winded, but I am just so glad I found your blog!! Happy quilting; you are still an inspiration to me!

  5. Jennifer

    Oh I’m sure you are jealous of Keith! Lucky Grandpa! And how nice that he was able to take his mother to see the baby too. He’s getting big! Even looks a little like Keith!! Keept those pics coming! Really enjoy seeing him grow. Take care! Jenn

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