My stash rarely lets me down

I provide bindings and many of the backings for the donated tops that come my way and my stash rarely lets me down when it comes to finding a fabric that will work for a binding. Of course, I tend to shop these days for good binding fabric including stripes – one of my current favorite fabrics types to use for binding.

I couldn’t believe that I didn’t have a shade of green that would work with this top but I found this stripe that works well in the cubby with my browns.

This binding has been made now and applied by machine — all it needs is the hand stitching.

I’m still focusing on my walking/biking. Today’s walk wasn’t far — just under 2.5 miles to the grocery store and back. Most days I’m managing somewhere between 2.5 and 8 miles with an average of about 4.5. I’m not trying to push but to just do something.

3 thoughts on “My stash rarely lets me down

  1. Jay in Nebraska

    Stash is wonderful when its under control! Just ask me how I know. I love stripes as binding. I bound a double wedding ring I made last year with a stripe binding, I love how it adds a touch of the unexpected to a ole double wedding ring!

  2. Deb Levy

    that stripe looks good!

    I do my stationary bike and then “jog” in the deep end of the pool. But Tuesday, my new weighted hoopnotica hoop is supposed to arrive…so we’ll see how that goes.

  3. Sherrill

    WOW!!! 4.5 mi per day sounds pretty darned good to me! I need a treadmill here to get in that kind of workout–TOO HOT for long walks or anything! WTG Mary! Oh, the videos of the baby and Chesty were adorable.

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