I’d loaded the backing for this quilt and pieced the batting last night so it was all ready for me to quilt this evening.

The HeartStrings top was pieced by Sue in FL and it’s quilted with the Halcyon Pantograph by Lorien Quilting.

You can’t tell from the photo but I’ve used a pretty variegated thread on this top (Polyquilter by Superior). It’s the same thread I used on the last quilt and I’ll use it on the next too….both of those have/will have freehand butterflies quilted on them. I try to pull at least 2-3 tops at a time that I can use the same thread on rather than changing thread each time.

7 thoughts on “Quilting

  1. Millie

    Mary, great quilting. This is the first time I saw that panto and it looks so good on the quilt. Pretty varigated thread and it goes good with the string quilt…it will be great if you can leave it on for one more quilt or even two.

  2. kathie

    Never tried the polyquilter, where do you buy that from? Glad you mentioned the butterflies, I need to get busy and order that DVD this weekend.

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