More butterflies

This top from Sue in FL is bright and happy and the small size determined that it would need to be a donation quilt for a child so I though more freehand butterflies would be perfect.

This time I didn’t quilt loops but just let one butterfly flow into the next with a curved line. I think Dawn shows them both ways on the DVD. The backing fabric was pulled from stash because it was the right color for the top – how appropriate that it had butterflies on it too.

Take a look if you haven’t seen the trailer yet for Dawn’s new Pajama Quilter DVD.

You all should be proud of me too … I’m still binding and will finish up hand-stitching one this evening and earlier this afternoon I made and machine stitched another one so all it needs is the hand-stitching too.

5 thoughts on “More butterflies

  1. bettyp

    I watched it ! Boy she is good!! I need to pratice like she does .I don’t have a long arm but I am sure you can do this with a reg sewing machine too.

  2. Cyndi Holguin

    I am very proud of you and jealous as well. I just wish I had your energy. Yesterday all I could manage was teaching a one on one class for 3 hours. I had a blast but got really tired. I did happen to work on my cathedral windows quilt all day today as I relaxed. I don’t know how you do it.

  3. Judy D

    I can picture a little girl snuggled in this quilt, tracing the quilting lines with her finger. 🙂 Perfect choice in backing and quilting Mary.

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