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Remember the Barn Quilt Contest?

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The unveiling was last week and you can see photos and details at the Accuquilt site

I was awarded a generous gift certificate for my second place win and I’m getting ready to spend more of it with the new Dies coming out in August but having my design on the Accuquilt headquarters is the biggest thrill.

EDIT: Michelle requested I post another photo of my Barn Quilt.


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I’ve been slacking off on the binding front so today I trimmed two quilts and got the bindings sewn on. The first one, pieced by Tish is complete with the hand stitching finished tonight.

And Adam sent me some new photos of Caleb ….this is my favorite one. Isn’t he cute?

A little work here and there

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I’m working in slow motion again but I did make some more HeartStrings blocks last night and today I quilted this top pieced during our last HeartStrings project by May in NJ.

I was tempted to do one of the flower variations from the new Pajama Quilter DVD but decided I hadn’t practiced it enough and did Wonky Feathers from Dawn’s last DVD instead.

Someone else is moving in slow motion these days. I came up from quilting and found him curled up in his bed.


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Half the fun of having the toys is the finding new apps. This one, iMapMyWalk will track the mileage and the route I walk and allow me to take photos along the way.

Today’s walk included some stops because I prefer destination walking to walking in cicles. I had dinner at Brit’s and NO I did not eat all those fries! I love fries but only eat a handful of them.

At Dunn Bros, I pulled out my new Pajama Quilter Workbook and practiced a few drawings. I can already tell there are a few designs in here that will become standards for me along with the Wonky Feathers, Flowers, and Dwirling from the last DVD.

Blue Skies and Water

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This time of year all I dream about is being somewhere on the water …so my July postcards reflect that although how¬†successfully¬†I’m not sure.

I’ve been wanting to play with some ribbon and yarn and try couching – there are a few beads in the first postcard for sparkle.

I’m not an artist so I’m not trying to make any great statements with my postcards but it’s nice to try new techniques on a small scale.

My base fabric for these is a hand dyed from Deb.

Can you take a good self portrait?

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I’ve not mastered the art of holding a camera out and taking a photo of myself but it probably won’t surprise you to know I have a new toy. When my DIL mentioned that she’d been wanting an iPhone, I decided it was a good excuse to upgrade to iPhone 4 and give her my old one – now it’s time to learn the new features of the phone.

So since I was on my bike ride alone today, I thought I’d snap a photo from both the front and back cameras to share. Here’s another pretty view of the city, I’m just getting ready to ride into Boon Island Park and there’s the prettiest yard with lots of flowers right outside the gate.

I look kind of goofy I know!