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They made progress while I was gone

The shower is coming along…we probably should have changed the wall color to tan but we can always do that later…they’ll be working again tomorrow and maybe finishing up if I’m lucky.

A new bike? Maybe….

I’ve been having trouble riding the distances I want and Keith and I have trails we want to try out around Minneapolis that are just too far for me so we’re going to look at a “hybrid” bike this weekend. It has pedal asset that will help me ride longer and get up those hills without causing my arrhythmia to kick in. It won’t be as much exercise as my current bike but actually if I’m going longer distances it might be…..

My socks have been neglected

I’ve been so busy with visiting and playing with the quilt drafting on the iPad that I haven’t knit a single stitch on my current pair of socks this trip. But I’m heading home today and I’ll work on them while I’m waiting and on the plane.

Don’t you love brights with black?

How about a BearPaw? It’s on my list of quilts to make one day. I’m still playing around learning to use the TouchDraw app on my iPad.


Enjoyed visiting with two of my sisters….both went home today — tomorrow I’ll meet up with VickiW for lunch and a friend from college for dinner before heading home on Tuesday.

In the meantime, Mom decided she wanted to make a version of the new quilt I drafted on Thursday so we did a little fabric shopping this afternoon. She wasn’t sure which background she wanted to use so we came home and I cut out some of the blocks so she could see both options.

Which would you choose?


Enjoying my visit with Mom and Ann, today we worked on postcards.

I found it!

I mentioned that there was no quilt design app for the iPad the other day and I had found a way to as least capture my ideas when I wasn’t near my laptop and EQ but I’ve continued to search apps and today I found a great drawing app that allows me to design a quilt….at least a pieced quilt.

It’s called Touch Draw and look what I did on the plane!

They failed to finish

Despite a promise weeks ago that the shower would take just 4 days and be finished before I left today, you can see it’s not even close. They’ll only be able to work a couple days while I’m gone so I’ll come home and have to deal with them finishing it up too. What a pain!

Getting ready to leave

I always seem to overestimate what I’m going to get done the day before a trip. I had thought among other things today I would get a top loaded and quilted but that hasn’t happened.

The morning was taken up with the contractor here working on the shower – I get interrupted frequently so I don’t try to work (besides it’s two floors down from where he’s working). Before he showed up, I did manage to get a quilt trimmed and a binding machine stitched so it will be ready for me to do the hand stitching when I get home. Laundry is almost done and packing is started….

At the last minute I realized that I hadn’t made my postcard for our family exchange – due to be mailed today but I had planned to just hand carry mine to Mom. Unfortunately, hadn’t made it yet.  Tanya had posted a landscape quilt she made using techniques from this book and since it looked interesting, I ordered the book and it arrived today. I decided I’d try a quick one for my postcard. Rather than trying to work on a 4×6 piece, I took  a page out of VickiW’s book and started with a piece that could be subcut into 3 postcards. I also decided I’d do raw edges rather than turning them under. The landscape is representative of the lake, mountains, and golf courses at our condo in the North Georgia Mountains.

Layers pinned

Stitched down onto the peltex.

Cut into three 4 x 6 sections

Edges finished with a narrow zigzag. On these types of postcards, I usually change my thread color for the zigzag, using a green for the bottom of these cards and a blue for the top.

Not bad …

I LOVE making 3 at one time – that was way easier than trying to do them individually.

I dislike the decorative stitch I used in the “lake”

I should have used more greens for a more layered effect.

I’ll definitely be using this technique again for my postcards.

I’m avoiding the larger quilts

Pretty soon, I’ll be out of these small ones needing binding and will have to face the larger ones waiting but for now, Here’s a HeartStrings quilt pieced by Sandy – done and marked off my list!

Staying focused

I really want to be piecing but I’m trying to stay focused on backings, quilting, and binding.

This top was pieced by Vicki as a QOV and is now bound and ready to be sent to Alycia once I finish up the other two tops I have here for her, They’ll have to wait a bit because I’m trying to get the two tops I need for Maine finished and that trip will be here before I know it.

I’ve been talking about texture on these HeartStrings quilts and this one quilted with the pantograph Ebb and Flow is another great example.

It’s the last of the ones I had ready for hand stitching so my goals over the next two days are to get the 2nd top for Maine quilted and get some more bindings ready for stitching. I’ve got the inspection for the bathroom in the morning and then I hope they get back to work on the shower tomorrow too.

Speaking of texture

Freehand Baptist Fans – I think they’re my favorite thing to quilt. This is a HeartStrings top I pieced during our last project.

And while I was downstairs quilting, Chesty found a spot with some morning sun.

Another set of instructions

I won’t get around to making this for a little while but I was writing up instructions for Mom so I went ahead and posted them. They’re untested so make sure you read through them first and email me with any questions if you plan to use them.

4 Patches on the Diagonal

A quilt designed for Mom

Do you remember this little quilt I designed for Mom? She finished the top and since I wrote up instructions for her, I went ahead and posted them on my site. It’s a cute quilt to work up using a focus fabric.

It’s all about the texture

Well, all quilting is about texture but with String quilts I think texture is even more important because the tops are so busy.

This HeartStrings top was pieced by Melva.

Quilted with one of my favorite pantographs for string quilts – Seaweed.

And backed with one of my Off Center 4 Patch backings.

My most wished for iPad app

Ideally, EQ would come up with an app for the iPad but I asked that question at Spring Market and it’s not going to happen so I’m hoping someone will come up with a basic quilt design program soon.

I’m not greedy, I just want an extensive block library, the ability to recolor blocks, and a place to set them next to each other to see how they interact. I don’t need a full scale program that allows me to completely design a quilt….I have EQ7 for that but I want the ability to play with ideas for quilts on the iPad when I’m traveling or whenever the mood strikes me.

So while I’m waiting for someone to create an app, I decided to see if I could use what I already have. A google search for Quilt Block Library brings up several online resources that allow you to save a photo of a block.

iPages has a great snap to grid feature that allows you to “lay” out your blocks, rotate them, and type a few notes about sizes.

Adobe ideas allows you to create color schemes from photos and Color Wheel HD let’s you create them from presets or scratch.

What I don’t have is the ability to recolor my blocks. This block was from a library at the McCall’s site and is called Bridal Path Variation.

It’s a start

But no word if they’re back tomorrow or if they have to wait for an inspection. I was supposed to have a call this afternoon to let me know but as per usual, we haven’t heard from them as promised.

In spite of it all, I’m SO happy to have the old nasty shower enclosure gone but there’s no way they’re going to be done before I leave on Thursday at this rate.

Shower demo has started

While they’re working upstairs, I’m playing in EQ7. How’s this for a scrap buster?

A blogging milestone

No big giveaway or anything but sometime today, I’ll celebrate ONE MILLION visits to my blog and I wanted to thank everyone who stops by to see what I’m up to!

More Fern Ziggles

Or as I like to call it – Blob quilting – from the new Pajama Quilter DVD.

A HeartStrings top pieced by Sandy that I’d intended to tie at the PA sew-in back in April but we had so many tops I didn’t get them all done. You’ll see the entire quilt once it’s bound but for now you can inspect my quilting.

I don’t have this nearly as consistent as I’d like yet but I’m OK with the learning process on this one because it’s fun to quilt and I know I’ll improve over time.

Another part of the quilt….

And a view of a small section of the back of the quilt.