Playing in EQ

This is the quilt I almost started a couple nights ago … before I realized that if I ever wanted to make half the quilts I had ideas for that I was going to have to cut back on some of the donation tops I accepted. So instead, I’ve been piecing backs, binding, and quilting …. but soon I’ll have more time for piecing.

I plan to use my Accuquilt GO to make this one — the bricks are 3.5×6.5 (with seam allowances) and the framing strips are 1.5 inches finished. I’ll play some with the borders once I actually make the quilt because I’ll probably use leftover bricks and cut them in half … which of course will keep them from being exactly square….or maybe not, I forgot I had the 3 inch finished square die just recently purchased but not yet used.

8 Responses to “Playing in EQ”

  • Teresa F.:

    Ooh, I like those colors together. Very lush and forest-y looking. A refreshing project for you to work on during the Summer heat.

  • Oh, Mary, I LOVE this one! I think it would be smashing in any kind of two-color scheme like you have here, but the greens and browns are wonderful. I might have to make these for my “boys”.

  • Paula:

    I like the color combination. I think I would like it better if the lattice in the outer border were a bit wider to offset the squares from the rectangles.

  • Sandy K:

    This hardly looks like a rail fence quilt. Then again maybe it is not.

  • Gari:

    I really like that, too. I have been thinking about making a green quilt and this looks like a perfect one to do.

  • That is REALLY going to be pretty..and I have the same problem myself (starting something when I intended to do something else! LOL). Hey, I’m going to be in Mpls the first weekend in Sept. Anything quilty going on then that you know about?

  • Mary I just love the colors!

  • Hilary McDaniel:

    Mary, please tell me which die you will use w/your accuquilt. I’m about to order one and I know I’ll order the 2 1/2″ strip, the 12 1/2″ block but I’d like to make this quilt, so which ones do I need? Thanks, Hilary

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