I’m avoiding the larger quilts

Pretty soon, I’ll be out of these small ones needing binding and will have to face the larger ones waiting but for now, Here’s a HeartStrings quilt pieced by Sandy – done and marked off my list!

9 thoughts on “I’m avoiding the larger quilts

  1. Lynda O

    This is by far the best looking Heart Strings quilt I have seen in years, the colors meld so well and the black accents are magnificent!

  2. Laurel H.

    Ooo; this one is lovely! Another comment a little farther up was right on point; this does has a 3-D effect to it. I’ll have to remember to use a rectangle shaped string block, with a strip of black in the middle, for a future string quilt. Awesome!

  3. purplequilts

    Interesting use of color on this one. I like the last red/white/blue one, too. Great quilting.

  4. Sandy K

    Just back from attending a funeral out of state and we did not have internet.

    Mary you have made my quilt look like a million dollars. Love what you did to it.

    I loved the other comments as this was my first heart string quilt.

    Thanks for quilting it and passing it on to some one in need.

    Sandy K

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