Getting ready to leave

I always seem to overestimate what I’m going to get done the day before a trip. I had thought among other things today I would get a top loaded and quilted but that hasn’t happened.

The morning was taken up with the contractor here working on the shower – I get interrupted frequently so I don’t try to work (besides it’s two floors down from where he’s working). Before he showed up, I did manage to get a quilt trimmed and a binding machine stitched so it will be ready for me to do the hand stitching when I get home. Laundry is almost done and packing is started….

At the last minute I realized that I hadn’t made my postcard for our family exchange – due to be mailed today but I had planned to just hand carry mine to Mom. Unfortunately, hadn’t made it yet.  Tanya had posted a landscape quilt she made using techniques from this book and since it looked interesting, I ordered the book and it arrived today. I decided I’d try a quick one for my postcard. Rather than trying to work on a 4×6 piece, I took  a page out of VickiW’s book and started with a piece that could be subcut into 3 postcards. I also decided I’d do raw edges rather than turning them under. The landscape is representative of the lake, mountains, and golf courses at our condo in the North Georgia Mountains.

Layers pinned

Stitched down onto the peltex.

Cut into three 4 x 6 sections

Edges finished with a narrow zigzag. On these types of postcards, I usually change my thread color for the zigzag, using a green for the bottom of these cards and a blue for the top.

Not bad …

I LOVE making 3 at one time – that was way easier than trying to do them individually.

I dislike the decorative stitch I used in the “lake”

I should have used more greens for a more layered effect.

I’ll definitely be using this technique again for my postcards.

17 thoughts on “Getting ready to leave

  1. Nancy

    I read Tanya’s post recently, too, and thought the process was intriguing. Your postcards are wonderful.

    Enjoy your trip and your visit with your Mother.

  2. Giggles

    LOVE these! They look wonderful. I just made some birthday postcards for my family this year but these are certainly inspiring. You could easily put them in little frames and display them.

  3. Kathy Wagner

    These are so lovely! And what a great technique! I think you should stitch a few sparkly beads on the water and you won’t notice the stitching 🙂

  4. Tanya

    Wow! Neat! The raw edge finish works out nicely too doesn’t it! I’ll have to give it a try! And you are way too efficient! Make three postcards at one time is brilliant!

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