They failed to finish

Despite a promise weeks ago that the shower would take just 4 days and be finished before I left today, you can see it’s not even close. They’ll only be able to work a couple days while I’m gone so I’ll come home and have to deal with them finishing it up too. What a pain!

2 Responses to “They failed to finish”

  • Lisa:

    You need to call the store manager and do some SERIOUS complaining and tell them they need to discount the price… I’d be SOOOO beyond annoyed!

  • Flatlander (Linda):

    This is so scary to me because DH and I are planning to build our retirement home on property which is a 9 hour drive (one way) from where we live now. How can you be certain things are completed correctly when you’re not there to check?? I don’t sleep at night worry about stuff like this … hope your construction is done QUICKLY after you return.

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