A new bike? Maybe….

I’ve been having trouble riding the distances I want and Keith and I have trails we want to try out around Minneapolis that are just too far for me so we’re going to look at a “hybrid” bike this weekend. It has pedal asset that will help me ride longer and get up those hills without causing my arrhythmia to kick in. It won’t be as much exercise as my current bike but actually if I’m going longer distances it might be…..

7 thoughts on “A new bike? Maybe….

  1. Nancy

    I had no idea this type of bike existed. I hear you about hills starting your arrhythmia. This sounds like the perfect solution for you.

  2. julie in the barn

    Hubby got me a bike for my birthday a few years ago. It was expensive and It has waaayyy too many gears for me to master. I only use about 3 and that is fine for the limited riding I do. Our area is just too mountainous for me to do much riding locally. I hope you you can find a bike that suits you and doesn’t require a 2nd mortgage!

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