My socks have been neglected

I’ve been so busy with visiting and playing with the quilt drafting on the iPad that I haven’t knit a single stitch on my current pair of socks this trip. But I’m heading home today and I’ll work on them while I’m waiting and on the plane.

9 Responses to “My socks have been neglected”

  • Char:

    I always love seeing the socks you make. I have been crocheting for over 40 years but just can’t get the hang of knitting.

  • Joan:

    You can take knitting needles on a plane?? I am surprised.

  • Oh I love this color way! Hint on what it is??? 🙂 I think I may need to buy some like that–2 of my favorite colors. Hope you have a safe trip home.

  • Hope you had a wonderful visit with your Mom! What is your favorite sock pattern? I’m determined to learn to knit socks this Fall. Football season is a great time for me. Lot of TV time:)

    Love the photos of Caleb! Congratulations!

  • Dara:

    Do you use 2 circular to make your socks? I REALLY want to learn to make socks…I bought a book that makes two at a time on one circular, but it is WAY confusing to me…

  • Awesome yarn! I usually don’t get the knitting bug til October but I started a stocking cap this weekend. I nice three day project. 🙂 Love the socks… should I start those next?

  • Pat:

    Wonder if you can share with us if you have a favorite sock pattern? I am trying to learn to knit socks, but haven’t had stellar results yet! Love the yarn!

  • Lisa:

    Yes, thinking the same as Joan… you can bring knitting needles on a plane?

  • Flatlander (Linda):

    Please share the brand/colors you used for that pair. I really, really, really like them. Nice, simple pattern, too!

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