They made progress while I was gone

The shower is coming along…we probably should have changed the wall color to tan but we can always do that later…they’ll be working again tomorrow and maybe finishing up if I’m lucky.

8 thoughts on “They made progress while I was gone

  1. Cyndi Holguin

    Nice I love it. We 3 tubs out and did showers we still have one tub I want it out as well. We will see I have almost everything needed. I just need the pan but I did not buy it cause I want them to do like yours. thanks for the pic I will show it to hubby and see what he says. Congrats it is look good.

  2. Flatlander (Linda)

    Nice tile … you’re right about the wall color … but you can change that after they’re gone.

  3. Nancy Parisi

    Your new shower is amazingly like our new shower. We just finished the whole thing this week. We had a granite top put on our double vanity… sharp! We painted our walls a cocoa brown.

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