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My most wished for iPad app

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Ideally, EQ would come up with an app for the iPad but I asked that question at Spring Market and it’s not going to happen so I’m hoping someone will come up with a basic quilt design program soon.

I’m not greedy, I just want an extensive block library, the ability to recolor blocks, and a place to set them next to each other to see how they interact. I don’t need a full scale program that allows me to completely design a quilt….I have EQ7 for that but I want the ability to play with ideas for quilts on the iPad when I’m traveling or whenever the mood strikes me.

So while I’m waiting for someone to create an app, I decided to see if I could use what I already have. A google search for Quilt Block Library brings up several online resources that allow you to save a photo of a block.

iPages has a great snap to grid feature that allows you to “lay” out your blocks, rotate them, and type a few notes about sizes.

Adobe ideas allows you to create color schemes from photos and Color Wheel HD let’s you create them from presets or scratch.

What I don’t have is the ability to recolor my blocks. This block was from a library at the McCall’s site and is called Bridal Path Variation.

It’s a start

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But no word if they’re back tomorrow or if they have to wait for an inspection. I was supposed to have a call this afternoon to let me know but as per usual, we haven’t heard from them as promised.

In spite of it all, I’m SO happy to have the old nasty shower enclosure gone but there’s no way they’re going to be done before I leave on Thursday at this rate.

More Fern Ziggles

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Or as I like to call it – Blob quilting – from the new Pajama Quilter DVD.

A HeartStrings top pieced by Sandy that I’d intended to tie at the PA sew-in back in April but we had so many tops I didn’t get them all done. You’ll see the entire quilt once it’s bound but for now you can inspect my quilting.

I don’t have this nearly as consistent as I’d like yet but I’m OK with the learning process on this one because it’s fun to quilt and I know I’ll improve over time.

Another part of the quilt….

And a view of a small section of the back of the quilt.

Filling up my schedule

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I’ve been home for weeks now – we’ve planned a remodel of the shower in our master bathroom since we bought the townhouse 2 years ago but haven’t gotten around to it until now. We’ve had MAJOR issues and they most likely won’t be done by the time I leave next Thursday but they are finally going to start tomorrow.

In the meantime, I’m booking travel again – next week I’m heading to VA to visit Mom, family, and friends. I’ve also booked a couple trips in September – a quick one down to Atlanta to see the boys ( well, really to see Caleb) and to Maine for a HeartStrings sew-in.

More travel to come in Oct, Nov, and Dec – we’ll have a busy fall which is just how I like it.

Another binding stitched

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I’ve been quiet for a couple days …not a lot of quilting going on but I did manage to get the binding stitched down on this small top pieced by Cheryl.

This one was quilted a while ago but I had a hard time finding a binding that worked — my stash has NO 30’s prints and while I looked for fabric at several stores I couldn’t find anything I liked so I finally decided I’d have to go with a solid. The color is a little off in this photo but it does pick up the blue in the sashing and there’s that same blue in the outer print border so it works.

It was quilted with a pantograph – Curly Hearts.

I’m such a Chicken

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I didn’t intend to quilt tonight but I wandered downstairs for some reason that I can’t remember now and ended up loading and quilting this HeartStrings top from Tish. I love the colors in this one!

As I was loading it I was thinking about doing my Baptist Fans on it but decided I was ready to try the Fern Ziggles design from the new Pajama Quilter DVD. I’m such a CHICKEN when it comes to trying out new quilting designs, I’ll draw them out for months and keep chickening out when it comes time to actually put them on a quilt but after seeing Kathie’s quilt earlier today I bit the bullet.

Is it perfect? NO. Is it kind of wonky looking? YES. Do I need more practice? YES. Was it fun to quilt? HECK YES!

I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to create the right amount of space between my spines because I only have 12 inches of quilting space on my Premier but it worked out OK. I found that if I quilted the line and then the top half of the wiggle, I could advance the quilt to give myself room before quilting the bottom half.

Yesterday was my day of rest

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It was one of those days I didn’t do much other than sleep and read but it must have helped because I woke up early this morning and was ready to work.

Today’s accomplishments included binding, making backings, and loading and quilting this top of Tamera’s.

Quilted with the pantograph Blowing Leaves. It’s simple but one of my favorites.

And now, I have a stack of bindings to hand stitch – I’ll start tonight but now I’m going to read for a little while until Keith gets home.

Online fabric shopping

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Do you shop for fabric online? I don’t do much of it but I’ve shopped some at Thousands of Bolts (thanks to reading about the site on JudyL’s blog ) but it always seemed like a laborious process to scroll through all the screens looking for what I wanted….until someone mentioned on HeartStrings that their search features had improved so of course I had to run over and check it out.

After using the different filters and still having to page through more fabric that didn’t match what I was looking for, I happened upon the Color Picker (under the Find a Fabric heading) and WOW, I asked for a specific shade of blue and while all the results weren’t exact, most were pretty darn close. Needless to say, there’s a box of fabric heading my way soon.

Mary was good, and then she was bad

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I got up this morning and decided it was binding day. First, I bound the HeartStrings quilt I tied on Saturday at the sew-in. This one was pieced by Sue Frank or her Mom from blocks donated to HeartStrings.

If you’re a frequent visitor here you probably know I don’t like machine bindings (not going to convince me otherwise so don’t try!) BUT, there is one exception – I love turning the backing to the front on the tied quilts and machine stitching them down.

Then, I pulled fabric from stash and made bindings for these two – got them machine stitched to the front (yes, I do that part by machine) and they’re ready to be hand stitched down.

Realized that I had nothing appropriate for the other two tops I was going to bind so I ran out to buy fabric for them … and then after eating dinner out (Keith is still gone), I came home and instead of getting those bindings made, I started cutting green fabric.

I had no intention of starting my Forest Bricks top but somehow I couldn’t resist playing in the greens. And because I try to NEVER cut out just one scrap quilt at a time, those triangles are going to eventually be used in a 1000 Pyramid quilt unless I change my mind and use them in a Kaleidoscope and I have been known to change my mind.

Playing in EQ

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This is the quilt I almost started a couple nights ago … before I realized that if I ever wanted to make half the quilts I had ideas for that I was going to have to cut back on some of the donation tops I accepted. So instead, I’ve been piecing backs, binding, and quilting …. but soon I’ll have more time for piecing.

I plan to use my Accuquilt GO to make this one — the bricks are 3.5×6.5 (with seam allowances) and the framing strips are 1.5 inches finished. I’ll play some with the borders once I actually make the quilt because I’ll probably use leftover bricks and cut them in half … which of course will keep them from being exactly square….or maybe not, I forgot I had the 3 inch finished square die just recently purchased but not yet used.