A new quilt

I’ve finally started Keith’s quilt – I was supposed to have made it before last winter but I’m a year late. Although I’m always looking at books and quilts for inspiration, I rarely use patterns for my quilts but this one is an exception.┬áThe quilt will be flannel front and back and I’m using a simple pattern (a good idea when piecing flannel I think) from the book Happy Hour Quilts. I can see I need to press that blue again — it has stubborn creases in it!

I’ll have to set my design wall back up now that they’re finished the work on the shower too.

For those of you interested, I posted all the photos I took while I was at the Maine Sew-in and they have captions now. I’m hoping that I’ll get some more photos when the others go home because I was only there a few days and it’s a week long event.

10 thoughts on “A new quilt

  1. Linda in NE

    Did you wash your flannel in hot water & dry it in the dryer a couple of times? Flannel can shrink a LOT.

  2. Gwen

    That flannel looks really familiar! I just pinbasted a quilt for my son from the Woolies collection with some of those. Looking forward to seeing what pattern you use.

  3. BizzyLizzy

    I just love seeing all the quilts you girls make for charity. I can only imagine the warm and loving feelings the recipients get when they are given their new quilts. Congratulations girls, you’re national treasures!

  4. Alison

    I love flannels, I’ve made a couple of quilts from them recently and find them very easy to work with, though I’ve only done simple designs. Presumably small pieces and complicated designs would get too bulky. I’m making a top-secret flannel quilt for my husband’s christmas present at the moment, I’m assuming Keith’s isn’t secret as it’s on your blog. I use spray starch to get stubborn creases out of fabrics, though haven’t tried it on flannel.

  5. Georgia Clark

    My quilting bee is working on string quilts to be donated, so I learned a lot looking at all of your pics. I doubt we will have the beautiful quilts you all did, but we will still be doing good work. Congratulations on being part of your great project!

  6. Sandra Street

    Mary, I loved looking at all the beautiful quilts. I know they will be well loved. Bless all of you for all you do.Sandy

  7. Karen

    Love the colors you’re using for hubby’s quilt! It will be nice and cozy. I’m interested in seeing your first couple of blocks as I’m contemplating making a quilt from that same book. In fact, I was browsing through it last evening. (Like I need another project!).

    Love the scenic photos you just posted!

  8. Lori Meurett

    Spent Saturday on a Shop Hop finding fat quarters to make two quilts from the Happy Hours book. Great book! I shared your blog with a fellow quilter on the bus as well.

  9. Liz A.

    I’ve found that starch is your best friend when working with flannel. I starch it all pretty heavily before I do any cutting — it makes a HUGE difference and keeps the stretching to a minimum.

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