Keith’s top is done!

I had every intention of stretching this task out for another day or two but when I got to work this afternoon, I found myself finishing it up.

It’s big — 75 x 93 — so this is the best photo of it I’m going to get without Keith here to hold it up.

The backing still needs to be pieced and I have to decide what color thread I’m going to use to quilt it. I’m leaning toward a gold variegated that I love on Autumn quilts but I may go brown or even green.

And just in case someone didn’t see my last couple posts – the pattern is from the booklet Happy Hour Quilts.

30 thoughts on “Keith’s top is done!

  1. Kathy E.

    Variegated thread will look so nice on this! Very nice quilt, Mary!

    PS: I’m almost done with the pair of socks using the Risata cotton yarn and your pattern, the K3P3 for 2 rows, and K 4 rows. They are looking really nice, but I am ready to get back to wool yarn. I just love the way it feels. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

  2. Charleen

    I think the variegated gold would be great. The quilt is gorgeous. The solid colors and the graphic design perfect for a man. I think my sons and my husband would all love one!

  3. Marilyn

    Great quilt, I love that pattern. Might have to think about a flannel quilt , it looks so
    cozy. Keith will love that.

  4. Flatlander (Linda)

    GREAT QUILT! Going on a quilt retreat at Halloween and this pattern might just be perfect for one of the projects I’m taking. Cut out in advance and assemble at the retreat. Thanks for sharing, Mary! Keith should love it!

  5. bingo~bonnie

    Very nice! I love the colors and I think going with a variegated thread is a great idea 😉 I know he will love his quilt and feel your love when he wraps up in it.

    Maybe in the borders quilting in a written message to him??? 😉

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  6. Deb Myers

    What a GREAT quilt~~~I LOVE it!! It turned out awesome! Are the fabrics solid? I notice a couple of prints, but most of them look like the Maywood ‘woolies’ flannel? Keith will love it; how could he not??! I’ve made this quilt for a graduation gift~ used powder-royal blue batiks; colors of Carribean water!! Great pattern!

  7. sue anderson

    Love the colors you used and love the pattern – it really turned out great. You do very nice work!

    The problem is…now I have another pattern I have to add to my growing collection of “must makes”!

  8. Mary C

    What a novel idea to make DH a flannel quilt to snuggle in this fall and winter. I see “leaves” and the idea to scribble quilt in the borders sounds fun too. Our 34th Anniversary is coming up, might have to try this quilt at my Retreat too.

  9. Sharon M.

    Mary – I really, really like that! I made something similar with a patterned, floral line of fabrics from Moda, but that solid look really looks striking, and I bet with the flannels it will be so warm and comfortable this winter. Well done!

  10. Sue

    Mary – you are so amazing! Your husband’s quilt looks great – I’ve never made a quilt specifically for my husband, although I’ve thought of some good ideas. And I love the colors and the “neatness” of it. And great going on the socks, too!

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